How to use Here Maps in Offline Mode on Windows Phone

How to use Here Maps in Offline Mode on Windows Phone


You can use Here Maps on Windows Phone without using data connection like Edge or 3G. The maps are downloaded offline to your phone and cellular triangulation or GPS is used to find location and then can be used for navigation.


  1. Here Drive+ is an horrible application as GPS. When driving on highways, there is not way to see clearly which way to go when the lines/directions split.

  2. This app doesn't work, says I need internet conection

  3. Why doesnt it work with satellite/streets view in offline maps? I am very disappointed…

  4. So, offline maps only works with smartphones.  That's what I get for sampling the preview of Windows 10 to my desktop PC.  One program does NOT run on all.  Buyer beware!

  5. Can you help? I have no problems with this app except one. I can't get it to speak the directions to me. I downloaded the voices for it and the volume for the app is turned all the way up but still no voice directions. Is there a way to turn the voice on or something?

  6. I don't get it, I have both HERE maps+ and Here drive+ in my Nokia 730, with windows 8.1 installed(brand new)
    I'm trying to make the drive+ work in flight mode(offline) but it says that I need to connect to a 3g or wifi connection, wtf?
    I have already downloaded and installed the latest maps of my region, any thoughts about this?

  7. lol you can hear it's india from all the clacsons

  8. Great! Thanks for this! 🙂

  9. Well good nokia phone I like samsung phone Immaculate

  10. i from romania i using nokia 520 and is work very good here maps with here drive,but the best soft of navigation is copilot ;( the bad thing is the copilot is trial for 15 days but is very good and it work offline no wifi no conection 

  11. Is there any way to send a part of a map or directions to someone by MMS? Let's say I want to tell someone by MMS where I want him to pick me up by car?

  12. If it's off line why do I need a sim card

  13. i can't see any maps. when i open the app it's just a blank screen with a green dot. plus i also can't download any offline maps. Suggest me please.

  14. How do you get the phone to suggest alternative routes to your destination?

  15. never worry to get lost HERE is NOKIA who listen you <3 

  16. Thanks this video helped me .

  17. how come when I didn't download the map for Australia etc, I can still access the location of the country offline?

  18. 2:04 on your phone that circle near phone time (16.59) what that thing means (sorry for realy bad english) please reply.

  19. Yes. It just works even when you have data turned off. I have used a lot on international roaming. It uses the GPS and Cellular triangulation to find your location. Rest of the things are already in your phone.

  20. So if the map is downloaded,we can look at it and we don't have to pay?

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