How to use Google Maps Offline – Trail Navigation Tip

How to use Google Maps Offline – Trail Navigation Tip


It is essential to have a good map with you when you hit the trail. If you want to use your smart phone, you will often find yourself in remote locations with no reception. That’s where Google maps can be very beneficial. In this video I discuss how to load maps in Google maps for off line use.

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  1. Will google maps give you your current location accurately if no signal? My understanding is that the gps used by iphone is estimated by triangulation from the different cell phone towers and not directly by communication from the satellites as in Garmin devices.

  2. Always have a basic topo map of the area and a Silva ranger or similar brunton in my small daypack .. I usually print out the area from Google maps or make a 8-1/2 x 11 mini version of the usgs topo and laminate it.. the right way or with clear packing tape if need be. I spent much of my teens ( 89-93) involved with the search and rescue school that civil air patrol ran in Pennsylvania ( Hawk mt. Ranger School /HMRS ). spent 5 years training and then serving as Typical east coast mountains steep wooded under 3000ft topography .. glacially erroded high iron content Boulder infested nastiness…

  3. Thanks MasterChief I was just wondering how to do it on my iPhone, there is an app called Avenzamapps and you can get it in the App Store. It shows all locations and also camp spots and all trails. Check it out let me know what you think and I appreciate your videos shipmate. I am getting into more exploring and your vids sure encourage my girlfriend except the ones next to the cliffs 😂

  4. Thanks – we're doing some EASY wheeling this summer at Moab and this helps.

  5. Brilliant – thanks mate.

  6. Will doing this act as a regular GPS, such as showing you as you move? I'm trying to find something like that for ATVing on US Forrest Service trails, regular access roads, & on BLM land. If it shows you as you're riding, that would be way awesome! 🙂

  7. Cool info. Did not know you could do that. I am a paper and compass type and still have a flip phone if you get me. You mentioned Ramona and Black Canyon. Pretty cool to watch another local.

  8. Great video, thanks for sharing!

  9. i just use here maps. Any country i go to. I just download the map and i don't need internet. Here maps is free.

  10. Can you save a starting point and after a day of trails just click on the starting point to get back? Thanks

  11. This is good, but having routes offline as well would make it the best.

  12. Hi boss its great advice. Thanks . I want to track my last visit path ( local streets etc) in smart phone. Is there a way to record them

  13. Thanks very much. I will be using this for marking fishing spots!!! Great video.

  14. Great tip!!! I didn't know this was available so thanks for taking the time to do this video!!

  15. I use Gaia GPS and Lead Navigation, I have a lot of trails on Gaia and Lead Nav I use for single trails and tracking. Google is good depending on what you do.

  16. I didnt know about saving the area. What I would do is just open up the map area i was going to and leave it open, the phones RAM saves the map automatically

  17. Great Video. I didn't know this. This was very helpful. Thanks

  18. I thought you said it had topography. I didn't see any topography in the map you downloaded for your demonstration.

  19. Very good video that important video

  20. hiking skiing yea wheeling no

  21. You and OverlandX should make a video that shows you how to make a path in Google Earth and upload it (If possible) to the Jeep/Uconnect/Garmin Navigation. If not possible to upload to Jeep equipped equipment, show how to view the path on an iphone or ipad. Your videos are great btw! Been watching for over a year now. Very cool. Thumbs up!

  22. OsmAnd is also a good choice for offline maps.

  23. Awesome tip, I didnt know….now I do :-). Thank you….:-).

  24. Thx for the tips. I didn't know this

  25. Wheelin'? Just kidding, thanks for the video.

  26. excellent and informative vid. and good advice re having 'hard maps' as a backup…cheers from Australia

  27. Thanks . I learned something new today.

  28. Hate to blow ur mind but u can get a Bad Elf Gps dongle for iphone /also will plug into ipad and it allows u to use maps completely offline when u have zero cell service. Gala maps is also another good map source to use.

  29. Very helpful. I thought the first three minute contained good advice. People who grew up with digital maps may not appreciate what happens when batteries die, things get wet, things get dropped, etc. Smart phones are awesome but I'm not going too far off road without a real map. Good tips.

  30. Extremely helpful thank you.

  31. Lol you need a garmen 64st it's processer is fast plus rechargeable haters with a solar panel

  32. Interesting
    I use Topo GPS for here in NZ
    It is a topological map with contour lines at 20mters. Use it without cellphone coverage just using gps. It’s brilliant
    A teardrop is where you are. Used it in the hills tramping or mountain biking track your journey plan your journey
    True don’t leave you physical map or compass behind
    I was in the hills when I went of track looking for another ridge to go down ended up on a small plateau that was thick bush nettle and bush lawyer I ended up going around in circles avoiding the nettle and lawyer, and on the map I could see how many time I went in a circle. My dog kept on sitting down just watching me get a bit p_ _ _
    I should have just followed her.
    You guys enjoy the hills
    Thanks for the video

  33. Talks a LOT! must like to hear his own voice.

  34. I use Google maps but have figured out how to use it w out using data. Find your location in maps, click directions but don't hit start. Google will show where your at but won't give you directions but all you have to follow the blue line. You can hit start directions if you get a complicated area then cancel out of it yet continue to navigate.

  35. Informative video, but you got my hopes up that you could use it "live" as a gps through Google Maps and Satellite. Sub to help you out.

  36. I knew the feature was in G Map but you may it easy for me to understand how to use it and get a map saved. Thanks.

  37. Gaia GPS for iPhone is mint! The best app I found for trail hiking

  38. This did not work for me. It did download the section of Google maps that I selected, but when I then viewed the saved map area, it was rather small & it would not zoom in or out, so not much use for me. Any thoughts why it would not zoom in? Thanks, G

  39. Terrific video. How big of an area does it save.

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