How to Soft and Hard Reset Windows Phone 8

How to Soft and Hard Reset Windows Phone 8


Steps on how to soft reset and hard reset your Windows Phone 8 in case the phone is not responding. Hard reset will erase your data and reset to factory settings.


  1. my touch is not working plzzz tell me any solution

  2. There is no volume on the video of the resetting.

  3. this is a great way to upgrade

  4. Awesome vide, correct information. Thanks a lot for your time!

  5. thanks man this helped a lot

  6. I don't have a camera button… The 635 doesn't have one

  7. when i connect my phone to my laptop, it does not open the files in my phone. once by luck i opened my files in my phone by connecting to my laptop. i copied many audio songs to my phones music folder and in the memory card, but i cant view them after copying them to my phone

  8. my nokia625 is responsing  to no options…I tried hard reset with pressing power button  it vibrate but I m keeping holding volume down button later with power button nothing happening

  9. THANKS. Has been very helpful.

  10. This video 📼 help's me how to reset my 📱. Great work

  11. Thanks so much this video help me really great Thanks for the great work…keep it up '-)

  12. my phone is in a goddamn coma, help please!!!!

  13. kya bhok raha hai , pata nahi

  14. u didnt even showd properly

  15. would it fuck my calling and texting up?????

  16. It works…the dislike button works!

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