How to: Set up Facebook Chat and Messenger on Windows Phone

How to: Set up Facebook Chat and Messenger on Windows Phone


We take a look at how to set up Facebook Chat and Live Messenger on Windows Phone. Subscribe to our Youtube channel:

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  1. How to dawonlod my phone for nokia

  2. please help me. if i try to open messenger on my windows phone, it writes:(#602)affiliations is not a member of the user table.

  3. So there is no Facebook messenger set up on Windows 8.1 Mobile?

  4. how to set up on Lumia 625 plaese

  5. Do you know how to set nicknames?

  6. doesnt explain and shows links
    of what to do

  7. impossible de se connecter pour voir qui est en ligne

  8. What a beautiful voice u hv :O

  9. como hacer llamadas libre con messenger en nokia lumia 520

  10. How to make free call on messenger

  11. pls upload tutorial on how to upload whatsapp on htc phone 8x;;i 've been trying for days now;;showing me not available;;is dat d app doesn't work on htc windows or what;;i await ur feedback thanks..

  12. Your video is helps but now ppl are using WhatsApp, Line… etc of course included FB chat. The messager looks not necessary and also that's so much steps need to be enter.
    Maybe Microsoft can advice some more straight forward for these connection link, cuz I hope WP also suitable for some ages people, I wish to buy a WP for my parents.

  13. your video was helpful, but I want to know how to disconnect the facebook account from the NOKIA PEOPLE?

  14. Is it using my network nonstop and draining my battery faster ?

  15. Thanks, really u helped me.

  16. what about push notifications ?

  17. What status do I set to receive my messages, but am not on chat?

  18. I got the same problem. But fortunately we have IM+ app

  19. For me only sending not receive 🙁

  20. im using nokia lumia 620,,the application isn't that useful,,unlike android phones the applications are useful and commonly used

  21. Hi, why there is just one notification will push out then the following chats dont have notifications anymore?

  22. was very useful to me, thank you

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