How to Monitor Text Messages On Someone Else’s Phone

How to Monitor Text Messages On Someone Else’s Phone


In this video, you will learn how to Monitor Text Messages On Someone else’s phone, using the Verizon Message Plus app and spoof calling.

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  1. U need to pay 50$ I’m good

  2. everyone who found their way on this video to watch it and have something negative to say your just as bad as he is so pls like and share 🤣

  3. would give you access to your partner's account … Contact them for any trusted and legit hacking job

  4. Hey, Where to get the 5 digit code from for the spoof calling

  5. Do they have to be a Verizon customer?

  6. Good thing I’m boost and she’s Verizon

  7. Your as dumb as your

  8. Is it possible to get past messages on an iPhone? My ex is bullying our son on text messages.

  9. I'm here to verify my whats app hahahaha im grounded I need to verify. Something important.

  10. so did she cheat on you?..


  12. I went threw all the hoops and still cant get it to work

  13. This guy is one sick puppie

  14. Question???
    If someone has this on my phone would I receive their personalised text message tone but no text message from them received on my phone ???

  15. These days curiosity…so what! Who isn't tempted …great tip.

  16. Who has used this and had it work? C'mon no way it's that easy

  17. hey are still excepting questions about this video? do i have to have Verizon to use the Verizon messaging app?

  18. I think my husband might be cheating on me

  19. Hi there could you please help me with this??

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  21. Why not just leave? I left a past girlfriend when things felt abusive, plenty of people leave their significant others. If you have to spy on someone, it's time to leave the relationship. You don't need evidence to leave a relationship.

  22. Is there a way I can see if my phone's being monitored?

  23. All these people acting appalled yet they are here criticizing this dude who is teaching what they came to learn but wanna think they slick by talking shit so they look like the sjw hero or morality police when they are anything but. S if you arent trying to spy then why are you here? Why comment at all?

  24. hey Man i have a real tricky situtation and wondering if i can send you a private message to explain it and see if you can figure this out and how it was done.

  25. This shit is scary. I’m getting a new number

  26. I feel like someone’s is tracking and montering my phone

  27. Actually I think an asshole deserves to be made. I live in a strata and the strata council gets one of their goons to listen into peoples conversations if you raise concerns about much needed repairs. Then the harassment and intimidation tactics start. I think those types of dishonest nasty creepers deserve to have the tables turned and be spied on and set up. Good riddance to bad rubbish. No need to protect users and abusers.

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  29. To contact Spywizz directly, click this link:

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