How Did This Tiny Gadget Raise $600,000?

How Did This Tiny Gadget Raise $600,000?


Knops are an adjustable earplug that raised over $600,000 USD on Kickstarter / Indiegogo. Now I’ve got to figure out why… especially with a price tag of close to $100 (depending on model).


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  1. you should have used this as your daily driver for 3 weeks, you can never get enough peace and quiet

  2. F in the chat for yo. Poor man being yelled at

  3. sound is a form of radiation…

  4. Wow, I mean 100 dollar for that egg cartons in your ear, I could buy some oculus touch with that money

  5. This dude is maddd chill.

  6. What a weapons-grade annoying prick.

  7. This from that loud house episode

  8. I'v just realised you look like young Jan Werich.

  9. Come To india here waiting for you Indian fans

  10. I go to really loud concerts 3-4 times a month and generally try to buy earplugs with that have even attention across all frequencies. Eargasm earplugs do that perfectly, but if you drop and lose one of them because you're trying to hear your friend, you may just decide to buy another pair of $30 ear plugs the next week to get that same quality. These address that specific problem. I don't have to take them out and I can turn them down to specific settings at concerts. That variability is also really attractive since you might walk to particularly loud or fairly sort areas in a single concert. I bought a pair and I think it was $60 as an early bird purchase. They still haven't arrived though, haha.

  11. Make a video about apple explosion……. …💥💥

  12. And honestly i think they kinda look like the cybermen earplugs from doctor who where the doctor accidentally traveled to the alternate universe with rose…

  13. 2:00 i am one of those people with different sized ears… i always have to use the biggest of 3 for my left ear and the middle one for the right ear…

  14. earplugs can emit magnetic radiation

  15. after watching this video i searched gaming earbuds.

  16. If you talk you can hear yourself talking even if it plug it in your ears

  17. Weren't there some earphones in development that were like an equaliser for your ears

  18. radiation as in, waves of wrireless microwave frequencies that can literally melt your brain, ie airpods. Kappa

  19. Those ear pieces are for producers who need to have a good ear in order to mix well and balance the lows and the highs. They're worth it man, you need wear those whenever you go to concerts or whenever you're around loud music.

  20. Of course it is fake shit, BUT please do not talk that they have to learn marketing, they outperformed many marketing gurus by rising funds and selling this shit for tons of money.

    *And yes radiation of wireless earplugs… ordinary ones pickup sound information by RADIATION electromagnetic of course not radiactive), and those work without transmitter so – no radiation. People afraid of "radiation", so this is again good marketing trick!

  21. But did you get radiation?

  22. This is aint it chief

  23. I got a bluetooth earplug set for the same price with the same db rating. Plugfones are awesome. 8 or 9 hour battery.

  24. Noise canceling at $25? Not with Sony, Bose etc
    BTW, is wireless, bluetooth etc radiation?

  25. is that Asian dude jack??

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