Honor 8X Review (Pros and Cons)- An all round Package!

Honor 8X Review (Pros and Cons)- An all round Package!


Honor 8X is the latest smartphone from Honor in India and here is a detailed review of the device along with the pros and cons of the device.

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  1. Gorrila glass 3 is available i have heard of
    Could u pls confirm sir

  2. Does it has inbuilt screen recorder like honor 5x has

  3. Sound issues is nothing. I use this phone. This is quite good sound. Camera is also very good

  4. Which is better 8x or play

  5. How long does it take to fully charge?

  6. Does this phone support fast charging?

  7. What is the SAR value please

  8. No Corning gorilla glass!!!!

  9. in gaming how is the experience to play is this device beat redmi note 5 pro level this gaming should equal

  10. R u observed Any heating issues..?

  11. 6.5 ആവുമ്പോൾ കയ്യിൽ ഒതുങ്ങിയിരിക്കാൻ പാട് അല്ലെ

  12. Zenfone max pro യുടെ അത്ര performance undoo

  13. Which is better… Honor play or honor 8x???🤔🤔🤔

  14. What about the display quality compared to honor play?

  15. does it really has protection glass with it

  16. bhai aapne honor 8x pe total 15 videos banaye he…

  17. From where to buy this phone

  18. Can anyone tell me, is the 8x back cover material the same with that in 9 Lite?

  19. How is the sound quality through speaker and through headphone jack ??

  20. Just ordered one for 13500😀😀😀

  21. Please tips and trick……. 🙏

  22. hey dude is honor 8x lag in high graphics setting on pubg

  23. How is speaker output??
    Is this fine with 3.5 mm jock

  24. Will red colour variant be available in India??

  25. 4k record available ano this phone

  26. can you do some drop test with this device XD

  27. Sir, compared to Honor 8X & Honor Play, Which is good?

  28. I m confused between Mi A2 and Honor 8x. Which has better Camera quality.

  29. Camera 2 api enabled in this phn?and gcam for it..

  30. Nirmal chetan fans adi like…

  31. Nirmal chetan fans adi like…

  32. Why still no 6-64gb honorary 8x available in Amazon? Anybody knows?

  33. now this is called a true upgrade.
    I am upgrading myself 7x to 8x ….just order a 8x…..excited!!!

  34. Cons of this honor 8x which you mentioned in this video is not a deal breaking for me…I just love honor/huawei devices…Going to buy this honor 8x only Instead of realme 2 pro…😇😇😇

  35. I ordered it today ✌️

  36. Honor 8x or mi a2..both are available for 15k in amazon.which to buy..mi has type c, fast charging, android one. Honor has triple slots,better build,headphne jack and battery backup.

  37. Where can I find the screen recorder in Honor 8x???
    Pls suggest me!!!

  38. Can I buy it on Friday?
    With the icici 10% offer

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