Honor 6X Review: The Best Midget Smartphone?

Honor 6X Review: The Best Midget Smartphone?


The Honor 6X is not a budget phone, but it’s not as expensive as some of the other Midrange smartphones on the market. It sits inbetween both categories. What I call the midget category. Watch for the full review!

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  1. Nfc is supported on the honor 6x

  2. Thank you for the video so how you think now about 6 x after upgrade to Nougat and announce they going to upgrade to Oreo as well and now it is 99$ in best buy.
    Thank You

  3. Does this work with metro pcs in the US?

  4. I do not understand why these manufacturers do not offer a stock version of the phones. Most manufacturer's UI just plain sucks.

  5. Low light giving you trouble? Try pro mode 👋👋👋👐

  6. it takes 2:30 mins to charge u call it fast charging

  7. Hey Matheo ..
    you are really great , very decent and professional ,
    Actually i would like to have your opinion , as i was having a galaxy note 3 4G and i want to switch to honor 6x , do u think this is good option or you recommend smthg else ..
    please advice

  8. this is the best at this price point. I didn't like the launcher so i changed it to Google now launcher. so far so good. did not notice any bugs so far. well see.

  9. Sweet video!.. But i dont see whats the big deal w emui. Most people dont like, i think it looks good!

  10. What case would you reccomend? I picked one up today, but I've heard that it bends easily.

  11. It does have NFC (mine has it, I'm not stupid) AND it doesn't have fast charge. Exellent phone, I'm absolutely in love f*ck high end phones, keep your money for your travels i say ^^

  12. Midget = Midrange & Budget.
    Nice one, coining a new term we can all use and understand.

  13. Even emui 5.0 is absolute trash. The phone is quite appealing for the price though

  14. i have one. just softwre is bad

  15. How long does it take to charge?

  16. what's the name of your background music in the video

  17. is it has slow motion recording

  18. I think you.meant snapdragon 625.

  19. anything with good battery life on a budget will sell me

  20. Sir could you please review and compare the ZTE Blade V8 Pro with the Huawei Honor 6x.
    I'd love if you could tell me your opinion about another phone which is only sold in Asian markets known as Coolpad Cool1 Dual. All three have dual cameras on a budget. Help me choose the best amongst them.

  21. I would recommend this phone for so many people… If it had USB-C. I just cant get myself to tell people to buy something thats outdated and sucks compared to it.

  22. Great video, Matt. Lol at Midget phone.

  23. Great hardware at good price with horrible software.
    Pretty much every Chinese phone. I don't understand why these Chinese manufacturers just don't go with close to Stock Android skins.
    One Plus is the only Chinese brand I can think of that get it right.

  24. 0:32
    There are plenty of budget phones esp since last year that have metal build.
    Most of them have finger print scanners too.

  25. 0:32
    What kind of rock you been living for under?
    There are plenty of budget phones esp since last year that have metal build.

  26. Is it better than the honor 8 ?

  27. Hey Matthew! Can you Make a review of the new Acer Aspire VX5 with the new 7th generation Intel Core i7 and also The new GTX 1050 ti?

  28. Who cares about NFC it's not that serious. Noone uses it anyways.

  29. Midgets… unseen but so saucy

  30. You didn't worry about sounding insulting but calling it a "midget" phone?

  31. have you tried it on any canadian network ?

  32. "for a midget phone" lolol

  33. Nice job Matt … the lack of the 5ghz seems like a small deal till your in a situation where your phone is the only one not connecting to the wifi… besides that I would wait a and see if the software update comes before buying this phone.

  34. Great video! Budget phones are getting better each year

  35. I would much rather get the ZTE Blade V8 Pro, more features for less money.

  36. 5.5 inches is the best screen size. report if you agree

  37. Way too big, into the trash it goes

  38. you should upload videos frequently

  39. I'm getting tired of reviewers putting phones down for not having NFC or USB type C! Most people don't give a crap about either of those things

  40. Great video.
    Huawei seems to know how to make even budget and midrange phones look premium.
    I have honor USA on my twitter feed (must've added them because of a contest) and I see them doing a flash sale of 50 bucks off on this phone quite frequently. At 200USD I think the phone is a bargain for those on a budget.

  41. Good job, dude! I subbed to you yesterday because of your Honor Mate 9 video. Very good, honest and clean review of the phone! You put the good and the and the bad together, real well!

  42. The Honor 6x is definitely one of the best middle class smartphones at the moment. Maybe the Huawei P8 lite 2017 will be a little bit better. Cheers!

  43. Awesome work Matt, it seems like this could be one the best in its class. Is it as good as the axon 7 mini though?

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