Here are 4 apps that will let you have Portrait Mode without an iPhone 7 Plus

Here are 4 apps that will let you have Portrait Mode without an iPhone 7 Plus


Here are 4 apps that will let you have Portrait Mode without an iPhone 7 Plus

1. AfterFocus

2. FabFocus

3. Portrait Blur

4. Big Lens

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  1. samsung j2 m kese hoga portrait mood

  2. Not sure why big lens is a choice if its for the apple only lol

  3. What is the best app of the 4???

  4. How will use potrait mode google camera on samsung galaxy core prime

  5. Only one app for Android 👎👎😒

  6. Sir, how to download big lens app in free

  7. Fabfocus not available on Playstore. Can someone provide APK Link

  8. Thankyou for such a clean info.

  9. lol poor android users 😂 trying to keep up with the iphone’s camera lol ,

  10. I have X why I'm here😂

  11. What about PicsArt

  12. Hey phone Arena have you acted in any movie in Malayalam . ..south India???

  13. How to download these apps

  14. In windows phone, there’s an app called lumia creative studio

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  16. Nice getting Big lens app now

  17. Thanks man. I have found only apps with manual editing until now. Afterfocus is amazing! 🙂 @PhoneArena

  18. No greetings to followrrs??

  19. after focus is really good

  20. How can i download protrait blur for android ?

  21. simulate

    more or less

    What the fuck do you mean you dumb fuck

  22. I have to paid the three apps

  23. Big Lens please sir I know I will subscribe your channel and also like your all videos

  24. Can you send me big Lena application
    Please sir please

  25. #for_android_users
    biglens costs $59.99 in playstore & i just purchased it & wow this app is far more better than afterfocus !! you can download biglens for free 👉
    thank me later !! ☺

  26. Google camera has lens blur option too and works very well you don't even need to edit the picture just like iPhone 7 +

  27. Google camera is best from all these apps


  29. after focus and best lens is the Best !!!!

  30. русский чтоль?

  31. I can install any phone ???

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