GPD Pocket 7″ Windows Laptop Review

GPD Pocket 7″ Windows Laptop Review


Lisa Gade reviews the GPD Pocket, a 7” mini Windows 10 laptop with an aluminum casing, full HD IPS display and a surprisingly responsive keyboard. It’s also available with Ubuntu Linux. This 1.1 lb. / 0.48 kg UMPC is 18.5mm thick and truly can fit in a large pocket or the palm of your hand, yet it packs as much power as a high end netbook. It has a quad core 1.6 GHz Intel x7-Z8750 CPU with Intel HD 405 graphics, 8GB LPDDR3 RAM, 128GB solid state storage, WiFi 802.11ac and Bluetooth 4.1. This tiny laptop has surprisingly loud stereo speakers, a 1920 x 1200 IPS touch screen clad in Gorilla Glass 3. It comes with a smart size USB-C charger.

Get it on for $485 here:


  1. Very useful. I go off travelling for months at a time and do crypto. My hard wallet can only be used with windows. No need to lug a pc around.

  2. I like you! You’re a great reviewer!

  3. Wow, this reviewer is so competent and FUNNY. Haha. Great review!

  4. Lisa, love your presentation. However, you mentioned nothing about the camera. what about that?

  5. Thank you for a good review, I really like your calm, toned-down approach. And I definitely see a lot of use for this. I'm a writer and translator, and I often work at cafés, waiting rooms etc. I've long dreamed of a proper laptop, with a keyboard (even a small one) that I can bring with me without having to lug around a backpack. I have no use for a pad, I need Windows and Word and a keyboard. Now I'm trying to choose between this and the One Mix Yoga, so I'd really love to see a review of that one, and a comparison of the two!

  6. Amazing how much they can fit in such a thing. A little too small for me though. 8" is the smallest I'm willing to go.

  7. I love you. you are the best presenter ever.

  8. when you play music on the device your not showing us its speakers your just showing us our speakers lol

  9. Quite usable, if the keyboard is more thumb based with the center nub acting like a cursor joystick (like the Lenovo Thinkpad style, but using a thumb than the index finger).

    Then it justifies the "phablet" trend in the large screen area and justtifies using two hands for such a large screen… There is no slippage on phone soap candy bars either with texting. There is no cumbersome bluetooth accessories either with the keyboard. The screen becomes protected with the clamshell form.

    And it manages to pack a fully loaded Windows. Though I would simply make use of compatible applications that data flows well with something more able like a laptop/desktop.

  10. Do you have a problem for the usb port, keyboard, battery and the audio jack ?

  11. its like my dreams come true,i really love this small laptop.

  12. Very excellent
    Veeeeerrrrrryyyyyyyy gggggooooooodddd
    Very very very nice 😎😎😎

  13. But it doesn't actually have a phone function, so it's not a true UMPC!

  14. I honestly do not understand the appeal of tablets.
    If I wanted small form factor, something like this would be far better in every way.

  15. I want one cause I'm a sysadmin and only need ssh, this is perfect for being on the road or messing around while I'm on standby

  16. as a person who travels a lot and often goes to conferences I would love to have this. I think this device would be great for taking notes, working on papers, replying to emails, collaborating with people over google docs etc. etc. — I am a bit annoyed that most tablets seem to be made for entertainment purposes.

  17. I just bought one. I work in maintenance at a car factory and can put this in my lunch box to continue to teach myself web development and programming in my down time. I have been looking for a product like this for a long time. Very happy.


  19. its around $50 on wish now, I may get it and check it out for holding DnD (Dungeons and Dragons) sheets as well as photos for maps, monsters and all that for a projector that is coming in.

  20. I have installed ubuntu 17.10 on mine with duelboot i find battery life much better under linux.I do enjoy using it and think its a great device and the only device in this league.

  21. I'm gonna go get one of these for school lol.

  22. The Smart Fortwo equivalent of mobile computer

  23. I’ve always wanted a gaming laptop that can be put in my pocket but sadly this doesn’t really exist gpd is bridging the gap though.

  24. It’s just too weak of performance the 8gb ram is impressive I’m waiting to see a core m with a fan and it will be a real killer with hd615

  25. It’s a good start. But give it an i5 plus iris 640 than also add switch like control add on for real gaming and it’s a winner.

  26. I want one because it is small and light it has enough processing power, memory, storage and battery time for it to run GBTimelapse, so I can shoot "holy grail" timelapses without breaking my back.

  27. Your review, although really good, didn't touch a few things about the pocket.
    1-Its a magnesium case not Alluminum
    2-The battery life, Is really worse than you stated, I'm using WinRAR,WinZip etc moving things on and off of this PC and if I get 3hrs I'm lucky
    3-Windows updates, when the computer downloads and installs an update, sometimes you have to reinstall the drivers so everything works properly again
    It's happened to me before, and if your an average person who doesn"t know this you'd think that the PC was broke
    4-Some soft where programs are not able to be used due the the fact that it's so small of a screen, and you are unable to lower the task bar to display it properly

  28. Waste of $$$. Just buy an iPad

  29. Hi Lisa, another use might be in offloading photo's and perhaps video's from cards to a larger drive. Although no doubt a bit slow it can be left running overnight in the hotel room and even with a usb bridge and a couple of external 2.5 inch drives would hardly take up any space in or add much weight to the kit bag. Pity they could n't cram in an SD card slot! I can also see a good use for managing setting up my astronomical telescope. Not for taking the photo's, that's done from indoors in the warm, but aligning the scope means being outside using a Windows app to set up the polar axis on the North Star. Bob.

  30. hi, i am a travelling researcher, and spend a lot of time in the field. i am done with macs !!! and there propitiatory every thing!! this can actually be quite good for me, do you think i can actually use for a primary device, given when home i might use a larger screen, i would be using mostly ms office, the only thing i might need which is some what of a higher performance requirement is 'Nuance Dragon' student version transcription software. i would really appreciate your feed back, regards , raj

  31. im getting this tomorrow! :3

  32. Is that a pc in ur pocket or u r just happy to see me… damn…. way too double meaning… xD

  33. I got one and I love it. I take it to conventions and swap meets and can browse the net or check my office stuff on the convention floor, and easily take notes during meetings.

  34. I still have asus eee 4g that i use, it has lubuntu and Works fine. I use it for xvid,mp3,internet radio and light surfing. This could be a Nice upgrade to it,but my asus is working and still looks brand new. 🙂

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