Google Plus for Windows Phone App Review

Google Plus for Windows Phone App Review


We review the Google Plus app for Windows Phone. Can this unofficial app fill the Google gap?! Tune in!

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  1. As an app it's cool but I'm not able to upload pics

  2. Is it true that with this all I can save photos of my Lumia phone to Google photos? or is there a separate app for that?

  3. @Montpbm Crawford we will definitely look into that for you!

  4. @Montpbm Crawford thank you for checking us out! We have more app reviews on the way! Stay tuned!

  5. Keep up the good work. Some you should do comparisons against other OS apps.

  6. Thanks man I have been looking for someone on Windows Phone to do app reviews.

  7. @ADeadRat ADR it's worth It. We'll be taking a look at the Walgreens app as well.

  8. @ADeadRat ADR we've been looking for a Google Plus app for some time now. We tried many that just weren't that great but this one is definitely a keeper until google decides to play nice with MS.

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