Google Pixelbook: $1000 of Weird!

Google Pixelbook: $1000 of Weird!


Pixelbook is a $1000 2-in-1 laptop/tablet and it’s super weird.
Google Pixelbook (i5):
That hoodie:

Video Gear I use:

Intro Track: Drugs by Alltta



  1. I've tried the Pixelbook for almost a year and I'm done and gonna sell it. The hardware is great but the software is really, really awful. Too bad though b/c I wanted this to be my daily driver and I actually like the folding/modes but, some apps lose their functions in tablet mode, which hasn't been optimized over the past year so, I'm done. Too bad though.

  2. Looks like an upgraded mac book

  3. You know what u can for 1000 bucks?

    An iPhone without headphone pezel and a notch.

  4. I wanted to get this, but now you've talked me out of it..

  5. i prefer the android laptop, its actually amazing, this guy is a apple fan, and i hate apple products borring

  6. The only analogy I can muster up to describe the Pixelbook is taking a ricer Honda Civic or Del Sol, and swapping the 4-cylinder VTEC engine with a Caterpillar V16 power-plant producing 4,000 horsepower.

  7. 70.992 people think 'Hell yeah, this shit is seriously bad.'.

  8. Could of put some speakers in the big ass bezels

  9. for the stylus you need to adjust the pressure sensitivity

  10. New pixel book with optimized Android OS?


    Cause you got this boothiful thing the google pixelbook

  13. Best chromebook on the planet and getting better with every update. More powerful than people even realize. My wife loves hers.

  14. why even bother with chrome OS? why not just make Android better,..

  15. I love watching your vids despite if i bought these things id live in a shoebox ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  16. Are you being paid by Apple or something? Just talk about this. You keep hyping up Apple.

  17. and I thought Apple was overpriced…

  18. No USB ports is standard? Am I old?

  19. This guy says alot of the word Weird. Usually when someone says that it could mean two things
    1. Your a hater and don't know what else to say

    2. Weird is good people aren't just use to the new model

  20. Sounds as weird as my ex-girlfriend!

  21. Chrome OS HAS to change or else these chromebooks will go down

  22. Damn it! I want a new Android 12in tablet other than the Samsung Galaxy Note / Tab Pro 12.2. Love my Galaxy Note Pro 12 but want more since it's an old tablet. Eventually

  23. My dell laptop:
    intel core i5
    8gb ram
    1TB storage
    pre – installed windows 10 pro 64 bit
    price = $785

    Better than this

  24. There is a place to put the pen, the magnet is on the right side.

  25. I have the pen and its really easy to use. i don't have to apply any more than natural pressure. Oh and I paid 699.

  26. I LOVE chrome OS, and if it could run windows apps, (like .exe files I mean) I'd switch to it in a heartbeat. The only reason I haven't switched is due to one game I play, as well as the video editing software I use. I could do without the video editor, but the game is one of my main focuses on my YouTube channel, I can't ditch it lol. Plus that game is fun as hell. Honestly though, 500-700 dollars for a chromebook with an i5 (more than enough for chrome OS) and 8gb of RAM, to me, would worth it. 1000 dollars though? Google shit and fell back in it. The pixelbook has overkill hardware that can't be used to its full extent because the operating system has so much missing, and google still chooses to use said hardware to overprice it. 8gb of RAM is necessary for any computer, even chrome OS, because once you expand to android apps, some of those apps are a bit more demanding of RAM in chrome OS. Android's setup in chrome OS isn't optimized very well yet so for some reason it takes up more ram than it would on a defeault android tablet. But the processor is too much. Even an i3 would work in a chromebook. Hell most chromebooks run completely fine with celeron processors. My old chromebook bit the dust because it only had 2gb of ram, the processor never even stuttered for chrome os

  27. Thanks for the review it was awesome. Please do one on the Pixel Slate

  28. I am loving my new Pixelbook with one ( two ) huge exceptions. #1 Bluetooth won't pair/recognize ANYTHING. I just spent 30 mins with Google Chat support. The only "attempt" they could offer right now is a factory reset but no guarantee of the bluetooth radio working properly after this. They advised they are working on a fix which will come through an update but there is no date forcast for this. # 2 is I am having a bugger of a time figuring out how to set my files up as I would in a Windows environment. I use Tweetdeck and Facebook to manage a couple of online organizations and finding content (images mostly) that I used to have organized on my Lenovo in various directories – is really difficult. Some stuff won't move over from my Google Drive into my "files" tab and sometimes they are there and then not when I go back to them. Otherwise. I LOVE this laptop. I was worried about leaving my beloved Lenovo track nub in the center of the keyboard behind. Ive used this for over a decade and didn't think I'd survive without it. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the pixelbook track pad!! It's awesome and I especially love the keyboard. It's a great machine. I just wish I had access to a Google Genius like Apple has to help walk me through the initial set up so I can customize my experience .

  29. What does he mean by speakers behind the keyboard?

  30. Letโ€™s be honest… this thing is just an over priced piece of web searching metal

  31. I have a Samsung Chromebook and it had the YouTube web link but you can remove so you only have the app icon

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