Garmin vs TomTom for iPhone Comparison Video – App Review

Garmin vs TomTom for iPhone Comparison Video – App Review


Garmin StreetPilot vs TomTom USA for iPhone/iPod Touch is compared using two iPhone 4’s, one with the Magellan Premium Car Kit and the other with the TomTom Car Kit. We test both GPS apps on the road and look at things such as TTS voice guidance and traffic.

Garmin StreetPilot (v6.5.3)
TomTom U.S.A. (v1.6)

Garmin StreetPilot is available in the App Store for $39.99
TomTom U.S.A. is available in the App Store for $49.99


  1. Garmin Streetpilot IPhone

    American English-Computer (Female/Spoken Street Names)

    TomTom USA IPhone

    American English-Samantha (Female/Spoken Street Names)

  2. What an insult using an icrap device

  3. I have a MIO 69070 which uses the same map SW as TOMTOM with the clear lane indicator with arrows, far superior at busy junctions.

  4. Watching that reminded me of the opening scene in the movie Airplane. Two voices competing against each other for delivering updates. I was waiting for the Garmin to say to the Tom Tom "I heard you sleep around you cow" and the Tom Tom replying "You've had three abortions ya bitch" Garmin – "At least I went to a qualified doctor" Tom Tom – "Are you talking about my Harry again?" Garmin – "Yes" Tom Tom – fuk off!

  5. Those roads seem brutal glad i dont live there stuff that .

  6. ARe apps better than their Standalone Devices?


  8. Tom Tom is by far better, looks like they can upgrade on some things but is the better choice, I have an actual Tom Tom GPS with lifetime map updates, that thing is awesome, I am now looking to get it on an old smartphone so it can be used as a GPS since I have two vehicles and my wife always taking the Tom Tom GPS for her. Get the Tom Tom

  9. both utter crap, both have update frequency 1Hz, horrible and dangerous for driving, you need 10Hz receiving GPS frequency for smooth propagation of the map Google: "GPS 1Hz vs 10Hz"

  10. According to this Demo Tom Tom Is Far Superior. It's made Perfect For Your Choice Of Destination Loud & Clear.

  11. For my money I prefer the tomtom, I have always had a tomtom and now have a start 20 with the free for life map update's  after some kind crook took my tomtom from the delivery van XL live, thanks for the demo's.

  12. Would you like A. Tom tom🤑🤑🤑

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  15. both apple and google provide free services that are equal to these and do the same thing.

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