Galaxy S8 AKG Earbuds Review: Best phone accessory of 2017? | Pocketnow

Galaxy S8 AKG Earbuds Review: Best phone accessory of 2017? | Pocketnow


Galaxy S8 and S8+ Skins:
Samsung is including a pair of AKG earbuds in the box with ever Galaxy S8 sold. We’re big fans of premium audio options, so are these ear buds the best phone included phone accessory of 2017? Let’s take a listen!
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Galaxy S8 AKG Earbuds Review: Best phone accessory of 2017? | Pocketnow



  1. They're bad. Like really bad, zero bass, very tinny sound. Get $20 sony earbuds they're better

  2. I Phone X Headphones are 100 times better and the music sounds cleaner with iPhone X headphones

  3. im not an audiophile, so I can't speak for the sound, but they're really comfortable

  4. Really ??? Bad fix in ear , not bass etc … s7 much better

  5. I gotta say the soundstage in these pairs are awesome. It’s better than my audio technica. The bass goes deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep. 😜
    But it’s trebles are very tinny. And they come out of your ears a lot.

  6. These earbuds are great, my dad got a new s8 + and i stole the akg earbuds and to be honest im loving them

  7. No those type of cords break easier in my experience

  8. Again this is just his opinion 😏

  9. If only these awesome free earbuds stayed inside the ear

  10. Can you please have a detalied Audio review(through Headphones jack) of Samsung Galaxy S9 plus

  11. They are ok I own these not alot of bass

  12. Im not impressed with them at all. Far more BASS with $5 head phones.

  13. I been using bose ear buds for three years and qc25 headphone for 6 months and when I used these I didn't like the sound at all ….

  14. I love my rock music and play music while I play guitar along with and u want to hear all the distortion on the guitar

  15. What i don't like with them is that when the cable hits my clothes it rattles the noise to my ears but that's all earbuds with wires

  16. So what's the deal you promote this garbage buds and Samsung send you a new device ? These are without question the worst pieces of thrash I have EVER put in my ears.You can pick up buds for a quid that sound better than these garbage. apples buds sound better than these dam things.bro if your going to give reviews keep it honest

  17. Akg Earbuds are supper awsome on Samsung s9plus

  18. those headphones work for ps4 right

  19. Iphone earbuds still the best than that AKG. lol🤣

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