Full iPhone X Review – Focusing on the camera – in 4k

Full iPhone X Review – Focusing on the camera – in 4k


I have attached some Raw shots that you guys can around with:

This is my Review on the new iPhoneX. I heavily focus on the camera in this review and run through some of the new features.

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  1. Can't believe it, a tech reviewer that just sticks to the facts and is just totally logical, non-hysterical, no trivia, no hair-brained, paranoid opinions hating on brands, devices and operating systems. Just a straight-up review. 'Bout time good sense prevailed. Like and Sub deserved..!

  2. There's an option in the settings that you can enable which makes the Face ID only recognise the shape of your face, and that allows you to unlock the phone without looking directly at it but the downside is that it's not as safe and of you're sleeping someone can actually unlock it just by aiming it at your face. Really good review and straight to the point, no biased opinions and overall clear. Definitely worth my time and sub 😉

  3. What is your recommendation as a video recording setting on an iPhone 10 at a rock concert. On my previous 6s it does pretty good but struggles with all of the changing lights. The musicians at times are washed out. I do tend to sit in the first 15 rows at floor level. Do you suggest telephoto without zooming or use wide and zoom for tight shots? I have plenty of memory. Also , how can you control JPEG and RAW file on the native app. I have Pro Camera that allows for that. But not sure what is best to use on video.

  4. "focusing on camera" shows how to turn it off what the lock screen looks like how to unlock it lmao

  5. An excellent review, both in style and non-superfluous content. I enjoyed listening to all the details presented, very informative…… and I don't even own an iPhone.

  6. Really. .. I phone x.. best mobile in world .

  7. Awesome review-most of your footage was shot where I’ve done a lot of shooting my self. Watching on my 12.9 iPad Pro 2, video looks fantastic, haven’t had the time to do a proper shoot with my iPhone X-picked it up a week ago. Cheers.

  8. I am apple Fan ,So should I buy iphone x or wait for iphone xl plus for batter image and vedio quality like DSLR camera bcoz every smartphone has upgrade in software and in camera so what do u suggest me, buy iphone x or wait for iphone xl plus?

  9. Note 8 is better than the iPhone… Camera focus test.

  10. i think it's funny how we're complaining about it taking 0.5 seconds longer to unlock

  11. great video! I wish to see a comparison from you between this and note 8.

  12. The sunglasses issue you can fix. Everytime you decide to wear sunglasses take off attention aware feature for Face ID. Your welcome.

  13. I hate this phone. I tried those portraits modes, not sure perhaps i am not using this iPhone camera properly 🙂 but quality of pictures it make is terrible in portrait modes! I really hate i fell i fell for it. Face ID is awesome but portrait mode even with very good light is crap.

  14. Honest, convincing and great review great job!!!✌🏻

  15. This is one of the best reviews I’ve ever seen!

  16. I am having an issue with my dual optical lens camera, whenever I try to take a picture and switch to the dual optical lens 2x zoom, and it completely blurs out the camera even when I’m in low light or in lighting color condition areas. Is this an issue with the camera or what can I do to fix this?

  17. my face id is working perfectly …the only time it failed to recognise me is when i make weird faces.

  18. Superb vid! So which camera's video has more noise: Pixel 2XL or iPhone X?

  19. Much appreciated, Zed. Can I ask: I have the X. To me the video is often a tad too bright. Would a cam app like Filmic Pro or Mavis, give  more control over that to start with? I prefer get it in the machine instead of post. Thanks again!

  20. If you turn off “require attention for Face ID” in settings, you’ll be able to unlock even if you’re wearing sunglasses

  21. What app did you use to shoot your raw photos?

  22. What is that flashing red light in the notch at 14:24? Did they add some kind of notification light like Androids use or was it just some oddity if the camera picking up some infrared light?

  23. Indeed Apple has always had seamless experience between devices. This X causes the ecosystem to be fragmented. In time they will likely move everything in this direction but it is disappointing to be dealing with the fragmentation. Similar, but worse than when they moved to Lightning connector.

  24. Maybe dump question, What kind of photo program is that?

  25. Which one is the wide angle lens, and which is the telezoom?  Thanks.

  26. Excellent review! People wanted Different and here it is. I love tech, I think the LG V30 and Pixel 2 XL did their screens right. Although the world is still 16:9 and these odd narrow ratios are best vertically, and worse are a fad. My daughter loves her iPhone X and I'm absolutely certain any bugs will be fixed by Apple. 👍👍

  27. Note 8 is only 1200nits on paper. In reality it’s 1200nits as the brightest possible portion of the display. If you’re measuring the full display (like how bright it will be when actually using it, not staring at 1 super bright pixel) it’s about 4-500nits. Full screen brightness on the iPhone is WAY higher than that.

  28. This video seems pretty dark. Low exposure.

  29. How do you shoot photos in raw on the iPhone X?

  30. Probably the best iPhone review I've ever seen.

  31. Your videos are great! Defiantly got a sub from me. 100k will come soon!

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