Flux Battery Case for iPhone 6/6s Plus – Review – Thinnest battery case available!

Flux Battery Case for iPhone 6/6s Plus – Review – Thinnest battery case available!


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The Flux Battery Case for the iPhone 6/6s and 6/6s Plus is quite different from your usual battery cases. The major advantage is how slim the case feels in the hand, which is achieved by ditching the extra chin on the bottom of the case you find in other designs.

There’s a dongle built into the side of the case that you’ll plug into the iPhone when you want to charge it. This means the case also accepts the Lightning cable to charge itself – one less cable to deal with!

In the efforts to slim down, the case does sacrifice in some protection, lacking any lip around the screen and generally leaving most of the edge bare. It makes it comfortable to hold but I highly recommend pairing this with a trusty screen protector.


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  1. People focus editing more then case

  2. If I had this case and had both fully charged this could actually outlast my heavy use days

  3. Mine lasts me all day when I just use it normally and it lasts 3/4 of a day when it’s all I’m doing

  4. Nice video. I really need one of these but not for iphone but for mi mix 2…

  5. I do love your channel ❤️❤️❤️

  6. Superb bro can you give this I’m in Sri Lanka

  7. Superb bro can you give this I’m in Sri Lanka

  8. Superb bro can you give this I’m in Sri Lanka

  9. Your video editing is a new trending for me

  10. Thanks darling ♥️ got it downloaded

  11. EXCESSORIZEME did not work!

  12. i watch your vids all night

  13. Wouldn't recommend this case, didn't come with extra dongle/adapter and the one in the case fell out somewhere . Also didn't charge well when I did have it, the pins had to be at angle to work.

  14. I like the cover case name

  15. Only iPhone 7 not the plus

  16. Is there for an iPhone 7

  17. For of warning: What you get is a low quality battery case that stops working soon after you buy it. I actually looked at the amazon reviews.

    For YouTuber's peddling random stuff, remember to always look at the actual reviews. There's usually a good reason you've never heard of some of these companies. Even many comments here are now showing they're a scam. Always do product research yourself, NEVER take a YouTuber's word for it, no matter how much you like their "camera style".

  18. iPhones without headphones port?what now?

  19. I want to buy this …..

  20. There is a better code. Use the code "30OFF" to get 30% off, which changes the price from $60 to $42. (working since 6/11/2018) #notsponsored

  21. I need this cover my mobile number is +97433653591

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