FAKE Rose Gold iPhone 6s Unboxing and Review (BUYER BEWARE)

FAKE Rose Gold iPhone 6s Unboxing and Review (BUYER BEWARE)


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Chinese manufacturers have already produced a good looking iPhone 6s clone AKA Goophone 6s that may confuse some advanced users due to its solid build. Enjoy and please subscribe!!

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  2. Is it safe to buy iPhones on ebay or Amazon?

  3. Who cares if it came at least hit still works why does it has to be real

  4. that phone does not look fake

  5. CRAP!!!!! I JUST BOUGHT THAT 4 161 DOLLARS!!!!!!

  6. You have been bambuzaled 😂😂 some people actually think they can get authentic iPhone 6s for 80 dollars if its to good to be true it probably is not true.

  7. Starting screen would be white! Not black! That is! How it is fake

  8. Download Ilauncher and Inoty!

  9. lmao. Gallery not Photos 😂 omg did someone noticed it

  10. And the apple sign is gold not silver

  11. The phone is to pink to be a rose gold iPhone 🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️

  12. One quastuon,how about android?is it android 6?

  13. And you can't get into the setting of an iphone with no SIM card

  14. How much did you pay for it?

  15. What about Siri does it have that???

  16. All y'all dumb af stupid ass video because during the slow motion video it takes a second for the video to get into motion stupid ass

  17. What about the finger locking thingy??..

  18. We're did you get the iPhone

  19. For a reason I like looking at iPhones. Lol so weird-

  20. I’m watching this on my iPhone 6s 😂

  21. You can send me one to my house a lot of iPhones

  22. if your iphone 6s/7/8 turns on with a black screen and a white apple logo, your phone is fake, unless your phone is black

  23. Once I saw the iPhone I'm like FAKEEEE 😂 THE IPHONE IS TOO PINK!!! ITS A BARBIE PHONE 😂

  24. What’s wrong with my left ear? Is it not good enough? Is the left ear not worthy enough? What makes my right ear so special?

  25. First, that's pink not rose gold.

  26. I'd rather use this fake one than the real one

  27. When I saw the android loading screen, I died

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