Elephone P9000 Review – Best $200 Smartphone Around

Elephone P9000 Review – Best $200 Smartphone Around


Elephone P9000 Review http://www.mobilegeeks.com/review/elephone-p9000-review/ The Elephone P9000 is a great all-round Smartphone that has an unbelievable price point of $230.
It’s fast, battery life is good, it’s feature-packed and it even runs Marshmallow. Wireless- and quick-charging-, NFC-, USB-C-, dual-SIM- and microSD support are the icing on the cake.
The only real downside is that it has an average camera and we’d like it running stock Android even though the software experience isn’t bad.


  1. OK I'm sold, i"ve been waffling for a couple of days now. I'm going to get it.

  2. Got mine 2 days ago and love it. For me a major deciding factor was the physical dimensions….this phone is 5.5 inch like a million others but is the SHORTEST in the world at 148mm a good 6mm shorter than many others. A great phone for the cash

  3. is the p9000 have an otg support

  4. great value phone, I own one now. has a few issues with fingerprint scanner (android pay in UK not available, as Elephone needs certification from google. build quality is excellent esp from Elephone. lots for your money, CPU is only low-mid end though 😉

  5. Does it have USA T-mobile 4G LTE!!! nice video!!!

  6. is that a fingerprint scanner on the back?

  7. Single button solution is the best feature on this device. I'd never buy a phone with 3 capacitive buttons, because they can be triggered easily when holding horizontal orientated.
    Great phone and price!

  8. does it support us 4g lte

  9. what benchmark is the 1st Asian 3d scene shown in the video?

  10. Also wenn hinten auf der Rückseite nicht das Elephone Zeichen drauf gewesen währe, hätte ich gesagt das es sich um das BQ Aquaris X5 Cyanogen Handy handelt in dem Video, dass ich mir gekauft habe.

    P.S. bis auf kleine Änderungen 😉


  11. excellent review and straight to the point

  12. How can someone in the States, purchase this phone?

  13. Seems great, love the large RAM, makes it very future-proof. I might have missed it, but is the battery swappable?

  14. Wow! Great video Nicole! Really wish they will have a better camera next time, this phone looks so impressive already! Hope they have all the european 3g 4g lte bands

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