Easily Downgrade Android Apps to the Versions You Like Best [How-To]

Easily Downgrade Android Apps to the Versions You Like Best [How-To]


How to Downgrade Your Android Apps
Full Tutorial: http://gadgethacks.com/how-to/downgrade-apps-your-galaxy-note-3-other-android-device-0156697/
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In this tutorial, I will be showing you how to downgrade your Android apps to a previous version. Manually downgrading an app means uninstalling the new version and then installing the old version in its place. This takes too many taps and there’s a better and faster way of downgrading.

Using an app called AppDowner, all it takes is the old app as an APK file and a single tap of the button to perform an app downgrade. Note that AppDowner does require root access to operate.

For more information and download links, check out the full tutorial over on Gadget Hacks using the link above.


  1. Buffalo , donkey tumari ma ki chuth you was wasted my time

  2. I tried this but realized it requres root. Something that not possible on my Galaxy S8 Snapdragon model.

  3. Will this work for wanting the older version of FB on my Droid?

  4. As of june 19 2018, youtube keeps playing videos after I close them

  5. I just installed an older version of the app i for example required from aptoide

  6. your phone having to be rooted with so deceptively left out. This was a waste of time.

  7. can this downgrade built in apps like facebook?

  8. is this still working


  9. Who else did this for youtube and snapchat

  10. Im always scared of apk files because I always have a feeling that there is a malicious virus waiting to be exploited into my tablet . I had a virus so bad that even erasing everything in my tablet didnt help . And now it has scard me ever since . :/

  11. appdowner is only allowing me to access files from my google drive. and when i select the older version of the app i want to downgrade to it doesn't install it even though the app state it "successfully installed". Not true. I go into the app manager and i still see the same version. any help please?

  12. I'm trying to get an old version on musically because it laggs allot and now I can't use the apl

  13. Ill finally downgeade snapchat

  14. Will this work on pokemon go

  15. You need root he should include that in the title

  16. can you give me the link plz plz plz plz plz

  17. Sir how to downgrade software marshmallow to lollipop…

  18. You can simply download old APK version from http://www.androidfriendly.com/ like I do. And then just install it from your download manager as third party.

  19. where to get appdowner apk file

  20. The big problem is that I can't root my galaxy note 5 because it doesn't support it. So this app is no use to me

  21. i have upgrade my j76 samung software 7.0 . and i want old version so the some process in this vedio can really downgrade my phone?

  22. Have a blessed day everyone. #JESUSlovesyou ❤🙏😊

  23. Wow Is that Samsung E7 like mine?

  24. does this remove any new authorizastions that youtube gains as well?

  25. tsk tsk tsk… nice try dude… nice hack site huh.. poor guys … he just collect all your info… hahahaha


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