Dropbox for Your Android/iPhone/Windows Phone! | Pocketnow

Dropbox for Your Android/iPhone/Windows Phone! | Pocketnow


Here’s a demo of using Dropbox on your smartphone device to keep your files sync’ed across multiple devices. More: http://bit.ly/8ZoXtW

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Dropbox for Your Android/iPhone/Windows Phone! | Pocketnow



  1. OMG OMG. how can it be so hard to get dropbox on windows phone. 🙁 🙁 :(. you cant even find mobile pay or google chrome in the markets place. and nothing happens when you try downloading from internet explorer 🙁 🙁

  2. LUV fall out boy. Vote up for only reason u liked.

  3. What was that technobuffalo thing about

  4. hey guys, use my referral link to join up to DropBox in order to get bonus 500mb space (instead of the regular 250mb bonus space) totalling 2.5gbs free space!. h tt p:// db.tt /zFWF1jS (copy and paste the link in the URL and remove all spaces to use my referral link!)

  5. Need more DropBox referrals?
    Get 32 referrals for about 31¢/each

  6. Dropbox, for when you can't find any other way to give the Feds copies of all your backups.

  7. Dropbox is way to go! get 250MB Free if you sign up with this link db(dot)tt/77a0KAy

  8. dropbox.com/referrals/NTE0Njc2NDc1OQ?src=global9

    For 2,25gb insted of 2gb!

  9. Use this link and you will get an additional 250MB of bonus space.

  10. I'm subscribe, you're one of the best reviewer of the techblogger world !

  11. Hahahaha!! finally i got to see brandon in person. LOL. i always wondered what you look like. LOL.

  12. lol cool i use the same wallpaper 🙂

  13. Thank you so much for this info.

  14. Looks nice I probably give it a go

  15. @bigsteamfan … so you still lose time to manually select what content to sync with each and every one of your devices, and remember that not all devices can open all types of data, so manual labor is still required…

  16. About what you said in the beginning, "You wondered how to sync all your devices without cables and copying files". Well, for as long as I've had gadgets, I always manually transferred files from one to the other via usb cables, I didn't died, and I rarely got bored… also think that you can't transfer all the data from one device to the other because of the memory differences (I.E. PC : 80GB, MP4 : 2 GB), and you don't want to sync all the data (text, video, music), so you still lose time…

  17. And can you compare this too Evernote?? Ive not treid any cloud apps but i was wondering if somebody has experience with one f the two or both??

  18. Has Google Docs a native or any third party app for Android/iPhone? I love it and I use it a lot, so that's why I want to stick with it.

  19. live mesh is better …..5GB and free..

  20. "The beta will give you the possibility to test the application, and you are free to post some suggestions / feature wishes to the forum! The final application will be 6.99$."

    from the cloud files website

  21. ive had dropbox. for about 6 months now
    and its great.
    when at school i can get documents without the need to email it or to have a usb.

  22. that's awesome bro!! thanks so much.. i'm downloading dropbox to my droid now. 🙂

  23. gr8 video..but..what happened to your hair brandon?..lolz…

  24. love your reviews even if its about the ****ing iphone,

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