DoubleTwist Player for Android (Android App Reviews)

DoubleTwist Player for Android (Android App Reviews)

31 presents app review of doubleTwist for Android. Play podcasts, music, and more


  1. es gratis en google play

  2. Drake? Seriously?! I'm sorry but you sir, have horrible taste in music.

  3. A lot of kudos to the creators of this app but they do contribute to just making things a lot more complicated, people should just and only use Spotify, 1 program for all the music in the world. If you decide you wanna add your own music that's not in the database, just add it to your playlist! I don't get why you people make it more complicated…

  4. these programs should be banned they just work around the main point which is accessing all the music u want, Spotify has that, plus the artist gets paid from it too. this itunes like app is shitty, I'm gonna say it again, just use Spotify.

  5. dude can you put lyrics to that?

  6. lol like your review but drakes garbage

  7. i can't find this app! the icon is nowhere to be found. not even in settings! how can i remove this?

  8. ya some haters drake da best

  9. How come doubletwist is always running on my phone, even when I never started the application. Is there some way to stop it? I don't use it very much.

  10. can you play the synced music in the normal media player?

  11. @4myeuro its called DRM. apple makes sure your artwork will never show up. you'll be lucky if your music even plays.

  12. How did you get the album art to work on your phone. I downloaded the double twist plus air sync for my droid X on Verizon. I have both the apps on my phone and on my computer! it added the songs that were not previously on my phone but the art work still does not show up. I use iTunes and i purchase all my music legally. The artwork shows up in the doubletwist computer app but they will not transfer to the phone. Any help will be super helpful!! THANKS!!

  13. 2 issues on galaxy s:
    1) No playlist creation
    2) No commands to screen locked

    I prefer my default player and iSyncr Wifi for syncing it, it's the only one which creates playlists on my sgs

  14. @RyanInLA
    You just add track # to the list of things you can sort your music after and then press track # and it sorts after track… I don't understand?

  15. @DasKrabbe you can sort them using "play queue" but it doesn't save. You can also rename the song titles using 01, 02, 03., etc… but that's a tedious process. I hope the DoubleTwist people can fix this simple problem.

  16. @RyanInLA
    What? Sort them after track number and then play?

  17. Sorry, DoubleTwist (at least for Mac) is useless because there is no way to play albums in original track order. That's a total deal-breaker for me.

  18. Good review, I am getting it now. Just migrated from iPhone to Android and the default Android music player isn't much good. Glad I found this

  19. i heard you can somehow sync this to iTunes? because i really like using iTunes on my computer

  20. I'm subscribing to your channel b/c this is a good video, thanks for the info, and also b/c you have my brother, Darien Brockington, on your playlist lol! Thanks for the video!

  21. Does this work on the wildfire?(:

  22. will it play your itunes videos

  23. man you need a intro or sum. in the beginning thought my audio was bad..

  24. Good video I like double twist especially on the desktop because it'll decode your movies to play on your Android as well.

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