Doogee Mix Camera Review – Best Cheap Smartphone Camera ?

Doogee Mix Camera Review – Best Cheap Smartphone Camera ?


Here is the camera review of doogee mix !!
Best budget smartphone ?
Your thoughts ?

Doogee Mix Camera Review – Best Cheap Camera ?
source 2 : doogee official youtube channel !


  1. I have Mix Lite and the second camera is fake 🙁 It´s failure by Doogee.

  2. Great review! Whats the song btw?

  3. Its cam is a real failure… Overall the device is OK…it's fast but it freezes sometimes.. Its speakers are below average even when connected to headsets…too heavy in weight.

  4. А аз се чуда защо са ми познати тези снимки?

  5. Great video, but, before you buy this phone check out the honor 6x camera review on my page. It cost 149.99 unlocked.

  6. I would have loved to have seen some low light or even night shots with both cameras as that is usually the downfall of cheaper phones 🙂

  7. great music and thanks alot for camera review…im still worried do i have to buy it or not…

  8. great work bruh. now i am gonna buy that phone

  9. Fucking loose the accent and the generic shit background music..
    You sound so annoying.

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