Does the D30 do anything? Gear4 Black Mayfair Review – iPhone 7 Cases

Does the D30 do anything? Gear4 Black Mayfair Review – iPhone 7 Cases


A thin, light case with over-rated drop protection. Guess how high my Gear4 Mayfair was dropped before the screen broke!

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The Gear4 Black Mayfair is a slim case that’s made with genuine leather and is apparently drop tested to 3m or 9 ft. Or so Gear4 says.

At this moment, this case is #9 on my Top 10 list for slim iPhone cases which means I think this is a pretty good case. The only downside of this case is the leather back. This is also one of the highest ranking “fancy” cases so if you’re a suit who needs a good case, this might be the one for you.

For my Gear4 D30 review, I’ve given this case a score of 4 Ehs out of 5. The MayFair is an above average case and is the best Gear 4 case to date. If you’re looking for a comparable case, check out the Spigen Hybrid Armor and Thule Atmos X4. Or check out the comparison table between the Mayfair against the Top 3 slim cases to date.

At Mobile Review Eh, we base everything on actual usage. But as of late, we’ve kinda realized that debunking a brands marketing fluff is just as important as that usage. If a product sits on our Top 10 list and the box says it has 9 ft drop-protection. Well, we’ll try to drop it form 9 ft to see what happens.

For design, the Mayfair is quite thin but is as wide as the average case. The case fits well with the iPhone despite the flexible back and the genuine leather fuses quite seamlessly with the rest of the case. The genuine leather doesn’t actually smell like leather which seemed odd to us.

The back of the case is actually quite slick. It will slide around on a flat surface easier than other cases. Despite the slickness, there is a bit of texture to the back so it still handles decently. I don’t think you will have many issues with wear and tear.

Accessing your iPhone inside the Mayfair case is a breeze. I will note that the power/sleep button is just a smidge tougher than other cases. Screen accessibility is decent despite the edges being quite close to the touchable area. One-handed usage is bearable in the Gear4 Mayfair.

For protection, Gear4 claims that the MayFair has 3m or 9 ft worth of drop-protection. Their cases are made from D3O which was the same material that Tech 21 used in their Classic Shells for the iPhone 6. According to the box, the molecules in the D3O float around freely but once there is an impact, the molecules lock together. Cool. Now any other review would stop here but since I’m a sucker for marketing fluff, I had to see for myself. 

-And as you can, Gear4 full of crap. 

-And apparently Gear4 isn’t full of crap. That’s actually refreshing! How did I test it? Well, went to my garage, swept out all the crap. Started from a height of 4ft and when up until I hit 9 which required me to climb on a ladder. All fun things to do.

Was I surprised? Not really. The edges of the case have a bit of give to them which means the iPhone will probably pop out during a face first drop. I guess all the free floating molecules in the D30 didn’t get the memo about locking together during face first drops. 

So what height that I break my iPhone’s screen from? 

6ft which according to Gear4 is the same as 9 ft.

So that’s all I got for this review. If you have any questions, please leave them below or ask them on my website. If you’re planning on getting this case, consider getting it through my site. Gear4 didn’t send me any cases to review despite asking several times and the only person who paid for this now broken iPhone was me.

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  1. I have a new one right here – it does smell like leather

  2. man i commend you for paying for this video and preventing me from buying that case and regretting it later.

  3. Still those cases are not designed to protect the phone if dropped on the screen.. it's mainly of dropped on the back or still I don't find the review is very objective.

  4. I don't really understand the point of a case that leaves the screen completely open to get scratched or smashed? I used a folding case. Can anyone explain why you would use a case like this where the screen can so easily be scratched and the phone will still break if dropped?

  5. Tech21 used to sell cases with it but what happened?

  6. I honestly I just use ur link for any Amazon purchases I do. That's how much u rock eh.

  7. I have the Gear4 D3O case for my iPhone 7 🙂 but I got the transparent one. I also noticed that it's not resistant to smaller scratches 😅 and it's quite pricey, but I like it 😄

  8. Can you do the clear d30 case review it's a lot better imo saved me so many times

  9. go watch StudentofMovement.,he throws his against a brick house and it doesn't break anything

  10. Overall, a great review! It's concise and to the point!

    That slick leather case allows one to convert their phone into a hockey puck, eh?

  11. Can you please review the Lunatik Air 360 case for the iPhone 7

  12. Could you review the Ultra Hybrid 2 for the 7 Plus?

  13. can you review life proof nuud iphone 7 plus

  14. Can you please do a review for the Otterbox symmetry series for iphone 7

  15. Can you review the Zizo Shock and/or the Saharacase?

  16. Aaron,

    Great review, however I believe the D30 material is only on the sides, so it will never protect the screen in face-first drops. If the lip however was made of D30 and and held on to the phone securely im pretty sure it'd come out unscathed.

    On another note, an extremely highly rated case (by you) for the iPhone 6/6s – Evutec Karbon SI, is now out for the iPhone 7. It is now called the Evutec AER Karbon and it is my go-to case. I'd say its even better than the previous version for the 6/6s due to grippier, ridged edges and a slightly higher lip. I'd appreciate your thoughts on it and possibly a review!

    Have a good day!

  17. Wow, Gear4. HOW DARE YOU LIE TO THE HO

  18. That D30 stuff reminds me of the tech21 ego mesh I got from Verizon with my iPhone 6. So very fluffy! A light thin case is great, but doesn't help an uncovered screen.. Maybe Mayfair rated it 9'feet based on corner drops? Great review!

  19. You wrote D30 in the title.
    (Instead of D3O)

  20. lol he has a graveyard for cases he should just send me some

  21. Do the next intro with Alexa talking lol

  22. I really enjoy that you review these iPhone 7 and 7 plus cases. Pls keep it up it's amazing!

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