DJI Osmo Mobile Review, Pixel Phone Ordered, The Real uBlock Origin, Windows or Android Yoga Book?

DJI Osmo Mobile Review, Pixel Phone Ordered, The Real uBlock Origin, Windows or Android Yoga Book?


DJI Osmo Mobile review, Pixel Phones and Google Home, Windows or Android for Lenovo Yoga Book, fake uBlock Origin!
00:40 Pixel Phones, Google Chrome, Daydream VR, Chromcast Ultra
Shannon’s already bought a Pixel XL for review, get our reactions to Google’s new phones, Home (Echo competitor!) , the Daydream View Headset, and Chromecast Ultra in the video!

12:23 DJI Osmo Mobile Review
Is DJI’s new smartphone gimbal the world’s smartest selfie stick? Hands on review in the show!

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Thanks to our sponsor, Cariibou, VPS made easy from the crew at Proxy-Bite, Hosting for Everyone and Anything.

20:16 Android vs. Windows?
@Kopmd2010K tweets: “Android vs Windows 10 for the Yoga Book. And why” We’ve got an answer in the video, along with more info on Lenovo’s new 1.5 pound 2-in-1 Tablet!

25:04 The Real uBlock Origin!
A bunch of viewers had problems last with a fake app claiming to be uBlock Origin. More into in the video, but you want the Extension by @gorhill!

27:54 The Real SATA 3.0 Max Speed
Fred Zlotnick commented, “SATA 3.0 maxes out at 6.0 Gbit/sec, not 600 G bit/sec.” You are correct, Sir!

28:48 Do Something Analog! Shannon got her Renaissance Faire on and brought back video!


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  1. I'm bored by just listening to them

  2. Will the 15min/7hr charging work in the car?
    or does it need an AC powered charger?

  3. i went to your last video that started this topic to copy my comment from that video. Here it is again.

    Here's the link directly to Ublock Origin for the Mozilla Firefox Desktop web browser in the Firefox add-on store/marketplace –

    Here's the link directly to Ublock Origin for the Mozilla Firefox web
    browser for Android in the Firefox add-on store/marketplace –

    Here's the link directly to Ublock Origin for the Google Chrome Desktop web browser –

    Here's the link directly to Ublock Origin for the Opera desktop web browser –

    Ublock Origin has not been released yet for the Microsoft Edge web browser so i obviously can't post a link to it.

    Ublock Origin has been discontinued for the Safari web browser.

    Ublock Origin will never be developed for the internet Explorer web browser.

  4. OMG!!! There you are, guys! I'm so glad you guys are still doing the "Tekzilla" show, under another name. Ever since that show ended, I thought I would never see you both, again. 😀

  5. wait a minute.. would vlog'in at the Renaissance faire be "doing something analog"? 😉
    Great show btw. Keep up the good work.

  6. Shannon, you're so cool!🤡 Can you live next to me, please? You're way cooler than Penny from Big Bang Theory. It's hard to find a smart geek girl who is hot, too!

    I hope you like super heroes and comic books. 😀😀

  7. I'm digging the uBlock. Happy I switched. Thanks for the suggestion!

  8. They should put in a beamer into the google-echo 😉

  9. I never thought about a google product i need to Bus thaaaaat!

    …Maybe one day…

  10. Why do people need to buy the latest and greatest New Phone. I have a One Plus One and i`ll probably have it in six years. Theres kids starving in the world.

  11. Snubs, looks like you'll get the VR free with your pixel pre-order.

  12. that DJI Osmo Mobile looks tough! ty

  13. I also have the osmo mobile and I highly recommend getting the base and extended battery. $10 for the base and $42 for a 1225 mah battery (up from 980). They also have an external power adapter for long time lapse for $25. I use the S7 and I can't get it to work with a case on. Kind of annoying to have to take my case off everytime.

  14. I pre ordered the 128gb Pixel X and Google Home. I also put down to notify me about the day dream vr and just got an email that they are sending me one for free because I pre-ordered the phone. w00t!

  15. Do you REALLY believe those talk times and standby times.They are the two biggest lie's EVER.Why suddenly start believing now?

  16. 27:45 so the apple store and the google store both have had malware…. i am wondering if something like that ever happened to a linux distro or other open source repository. I wonder if 'malware authors' ever try to get their "apps" into Debian or FreeBSD

  17. Pixel from $899 in Canada WHAT!!!!!!! forget it Google I will get a Zenfone3 instead.

  18. 5" screen, with 2x 1.5" bezels 🙁 i'm not feeling the "premium" vibe from it that would justify the price tag.

  19. I heard about ublock a few months back and tried it out. I can't recommend it. In my experience it didn't block as much, and it slowed my page loads. Maybe it's better on Chrome, but on Firefox, I found it worse than using Adblock Plus.

  20. Please, please, please… Get a new font!

  21. Some of the confusion on the uBlock Origin issue is probably the way you're pronouncing "origin." You're putting the emphasis on the second syllable as in "original" (or-IG-in-al) rather than on the first syllable as in "origin" (OR-ig-in.) Of course, the app may have been named exactly the same, but the person that wrote in called it "original" in his note, and I think it's due to this situation.

  22. Gonna get the pixel and the home. I wish they did a pixel chromebook to.

  23. Why would anyone spend $300 on a gimble for "smartphone photography" (which I didn't even know was a thing), when you could get a decent point and click camera for $300 that has optical zoom and a bunch of other features that phones don't have? Can you really say "serious about photography" and "smartphone" in the same sentence?

  24. Charging so fast might overheat the battery so it might shorten its lifespan.
    Not going to spend over $1000 on a stupid phone that is not worth it.
    It starts at $899 here so…

  25. great show and don't worry too much about it. Pat at the end everybody is responsible for what things they installed on there computer

  26. I got my Osmo Mobile Tuesday! Pretty cool so far.

  27. Hehe Patrick says Origin(like origin-al) funny =P

    Good episode. Thanks!

  28. Just don't drop that phone in water, Snubs!

  29. don't understand what's up with this video. Love your work but this particular video is constantly buffering. All other YouTube videos I'm watching today are working fine. Something's up with yours.

  30. David is a noob. It's is a long and winding road to 1337 status, we all can dream.

  31. You need to be 2% smarter than the internet. While i feel i am much more internet savvy than most, it just takes a bit of actual brain power to find the correct Addblock program "uBlock Origin" is not "Ublock Original" use that 2% of extra brainpower to check reviews and downloads…..I mean……its right there……In fact,THAT is why that information exists…..for your safety. They hand you the info, YOU just need to interpret it…Can't blame Pat and Shannon.

  32. would you choose this over a GoPro that has image stabilization built in?

  33. I installed uBlock and love it so far. Sorry to hear some are blaming you, because they made a mistake

  34. Pre-orderd a black Pixel XL. Too bad the XL doesn't come in blue. And, just like Shannon, I ordered the phone during the keynote before knowing all the specs.

  35. Pro tip for Osmo users: DONT USE THE JOYSTICK WHEN RECORDING. It looks awful.

  36. I am always so blown away when the curtain gets pulled back on this show and I remember you're producing it while you shoot it. As someone who's each produced, edited, and directed live and recorded segments, the idea of basically doing it all at once is staggering. Props to Shannon and the Hak5 crew that put this amazing studio together, and for hosting on top of simultaneously doing every other production task. bow

  37. ublock for chrome is awesome, but where are the ublock links for other web browsers. Not everyone uses chrome.

  38. Why don't people realise that fast charging is bad (for your battery). Don't get why are you so excited about it. Companies cannot get better batteries, so they invented fast charging. All it does is kill your battery faster.

  39. Gears of War 4 tho…. (and 1st comment)

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