dbrand Matte Black Skin for iPhone 6 Review!

dbrand Matte Black Skin for iPhone 6 Review!


Yet another stellar skin from dbrand! This is my review of the matte black skin for the iphone 6! If you hate the bulk of your case but still want some protection for your phone check this out. It’s a cool customized offering that won’t get in the way of your phone’s intended design.

Find it here: https://dbrand.com/shop/iphone-6

Carbon Fiber Macbook Pro Skin Review: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xvx2enR4Jww

Spigen Bumper: http://www.spigen.com/iphone-6-plus-case-neo-hybrid-ex.html


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  1. When you take off the bumper does it ruin the skin?

  2. I wanna get this cover
    Plz recommend me any online sale website or any other shop in Pakistan

  3. No ads.
    Respect 👌👌👌

  4. Dear steven. Can u give me a link for that bumper case? Ur link seems no longer exists. Thankyou in advance.

  5. what is your case name plz answer as fast as you can
    and plz make a video of it
    and how can i buy it

  6. J’ai le exactement le même

  7. Thinking about a red carbon fiber skin for my space grey iPhone 6 and matte black on top and bottom

  8. You kinda look like Messi lol ^^

  9. hey. I live in Bangladesh. will they send there product in bangladesh?

  10. Does the speaker quality sound as normal or different when putting the skin on?

  11. I need to know that what the case's name is ?

  12. -"I want to provide some shots so you guys can see what it really looks like"
    -(initiates iPorn videoshoot)

  13. Beep boop I am a humon.

  14. I'm wondering if i should buy one, i usually put some classic leather cases and i'm fine with it but i miss the sleek and thin look of the phone, so a dbrand skin would be good.. It looks beautiful, but the problem for me is the sides, it looks rather stupid with some portions of the iPhone's aluminum still there, really looks like a silly sticker was put on the rush, i'm wondering if there is a complete side covered skin.

  15. Can you do a comparison of the iPhone 7 matte black and the 6/6s with this dbrand skin please?

  16. How long until it starts to mess up ?

  17. how good is the grip on the skin?

  18. whats the track name of the song during the shots?

  19. hi i am from Bangladesh and inwant a matt black skin for my 6s plus,how can i get it and order it

  20. Cant choose between matte or leather

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