Creators Update on unsupported Windows Phones!!

Creators Update on unsupported Windows Phones!!


Creators Update on unsupported Windows Phones
On Friday April 14th Microsoft Confirmed the rumors says that only 13 Windows Phones will get the creators update
Excluding so many Windows Phones from the very first Lumia Device from Microsoft the Lumia 535
To the gorgeous Nokia Lumia 930
WindowsInsider Chief Dona Sarkar acknowledged
that decision was taken because of the negative feedbacks
from the insider’s community
as those excluded devices are not providing the best Windows experience
In this video we tried the creators update on those two devices to see the performance of those two after the update
This Video shoot in Faculty of Computer & Automation Engineering in Damascus University
Microsoft confirms the Windows 10 Creators Update will only come to 13 Windows phones [ Windows Central]


  1. Great job 👍👍👍😍😍

  2. is not creators update is oficial update

  3. lumia 1020 not uodate windows 10 pls help me

  4. I have got a lumia 640xl but it's not working properly.
    glance screen in not working.
    double wake up phone is not working
    these problem are solved or not?
    plz give me ans necessary.

  5. Assalamu Alaikum…i wanted to update it in ur way…but the os build in my lumia 535 is 14393…and windows insider programme is stating that i have to upgrade it to newer build as they say for </= 14393….and they refer me to download media creation tool for newer build and when i open that i found its for PC…so i am kind of helpless…so kindly help me….i saw different way to get fall creator update by downloading interop tools then changing phone model name and phone name, but I don't think it's a trustworthy way… kindly help me what should I do and also say if I need PC to do this or not….

  6. I don't care I am still buying a Windows phone, the only change I want from it is the spacing for the a whole song being played for a Ring tone, everything else are good. Like it a lot

  7. How about battery performance? Any differrences? drawbacks?

  8. how did u get the creators update for the lumia 930? could u walk me through it?

  9. Bhai ye 925 me kaam karega?

  10. using lumia 532 dual sim and everything works well

  11. thank you so much hermano, very useful video ^_^

  12. I've had a 550 running Windows 10 before and never liked it the way the menus were laid out. I bought a Lumia 930 today running Windows 8.1 and it's a million times better!!! Much faster and I prefer the menus

  13. Hi Waleed. Would this work on my Lumia 1020? im stuck on windows 8

  14. no overheating issue sir? coz i want to upgrade my 930 to creators update.

  15. Would you suggest me to join the slow ring. Currently I am on anniversary update. It I join the slow ring I would be getting 15062.1 I guess. So I am using Lumia 535, what is your suggestion.

  16. I know this is too late but I agree with you great job ,it is so sad windows mobile is such a great platform

  17. I'm running the Creator's update – 10.0.15063.483 on my HTC One M8 for Windows; it's by far the best running update to date.

  18. How do you update that mobiles. I mean which tools you used???

  19. can we install it on 730

  20. Using Lumia 540 with the creators update the performance is really good now.

  21. I had used the creators update on my 535 and trust me everything works fine but its just sometimes that the screen turns absolutely black and you cant do anything about it unless you pop out the battery and restart the device so I went back to the anniversary update

  22. معلم سؤال خارج موضوعك من وين جايب الاجهزة يا اخي ماعم لاقي لوميا عنا بسوريا علما كان معي 3 اجهزة واحد 1320 وتنين 535 بس راحو بالشغل الكل محسوبك عسكري وراحو بجوبر ماني عم لاقي منن وين بلاقي عندك فكرة لان مابكو ماعندن ولا بدن يجيبو

  23. can i get the last Insider update for Lumia 930 ??

  24. great job waleed demonstrating that those excluded devices can fully run The Creators Update ☺

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