Cinema 4K App Tutorial – Filming with Android Camera Apps!

Cinema 4K App Tutorial – Filming with Android Camera Apps!


This Cinema 4K app tutorial will get you great results filming with Android camera apps, FAST! ***** FREE 12 Step Guide to Filming Amazing Videos on Android:


Cinema 4K:

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— Cinema 4K App Tutorial – Filming with Android Camera Apps! —

Recently we released a video covering the BEST Camera Apps for Android Videos (here: and Cinema 4K was one of our top picks!

It’s incredibly powerful and has a TON of options… In this video we run through a full Cinema 4K App Tutorial to show you exactly what you need to know to film with Android smartphones, and start getting awesome results FAST!

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  1. Hi Justin
    Does open camera have a psuse opption during video taking

  2. Can we monitor audio while recording vedio?

  3. Now I have to figure out the whole colour grading, but firstly, the way to get the video looking clear and not washed out or with yuykky green tinges when I change colour curves…So far, I've just ended up with worse results than using standard linear profile.

  4. Crap! I bought this app for my Huawei Mate 10 Pro wit Leica objects (4K 20mp cam, 6GB RAM, 128GB ROM) just because it had that flat profile function you metioned. Doesn't work. To be exact it will crash the app when I touch that buton. Same when I try to lock AE. So in other words it"s totally useless software which I paid for. I have try contact the developer for 2 months now and no answer. Nice service! Totally bullshit product with no customer service. This app should be free before it will work on every high level Android phone.

  5. I'm using a Galaxy S9+, and when I go to press the FLAT mode, I see no change whatsoever in the display compared to normal. Is there something that I'm missing?

  6. What About the front camera?

  7. Can you give some tips for color correction of video, recorded in flat profile?

  8. can we increase the frame rate above 30 ???

  9. I have an LG G6 but the 3 highest video quality I can record using the app are: 2560 x 1440, 3264 x 1836, and 3264 x 2448.
    How do I get 3840 x 2160?

  10. Sir it is not a paid app please send me that paid version link


  12. Great video bro! Hats off love your work!

  13. Great video. Thank you! Feeling really frustrated though. Although my Huawei Mate 10 pro has all the specs you'd want. It doesn't allow full access to Camera 2 API… There for adjusting some of these settings just closes the app completely. Really annoying. Do you know of any way around this?? From what I've read… The only solution seems to be rooting the phone, and add a line of code into the which will unlock API completely. I'm not to happy with going this deep into my phone, voiding any warranty etc in the process… But it's seeming like the only solution right. Bar buying a new phone!

  14. There is actually a cinema 4K toggle in the app instead of UHD because UHD is a little bit smaller than Cinema 4K use the cinema 4K resolution so that when you add Letter Bars in post you're not losing some of that vertical resolution

  15. how to manualy focus on an object using this app

  16. Hello why can't i play the recorded video in other devices

  17. Would this app bust a camera and video recording on the phone camera, which has only Full HD recording option, particularly Sony XA1 Ultra? I'm in need of at least 1080 in 60fps and this particular model only provides 30fps.

  18. 128 is a LOT lower than CD quality. CD quality is 1440.

  19. Hey, Boss. do you have video "best setting for taking picture s8+" ? Apps you will suggest and settings for it, thanks

  20. Thanks, Justin. My concern is that on long interviews the video cuts out at about 30 minutes on my note 5 or whenever the file size reaches 3.3gigs. You are recommending high rates for everything but I don't want to have the interview cut into too many pieces abruptly. In short is there any way to make high quality video that is not interrupted on a Note 5 or 8 that last 1-2 hours per video?

  21. is there a slo mo or fast mo there?

  22. m from asia ..i can't use this app :v

  23. I've seen this video and your video on Filmic Pro. I like the Audio Visuals on it, but which of these two do you recommend?

  24. Why do i not get the exposure time option? Instead i have this exposure compensation option.

  25. I downloaded it and it started glitching but nice video keep it up

  26. Hello. Thanks for your videos, I am loving them. I have a question because I am just curious. Why in US the frame rate should be 30 and in AU 25?

  27. Best video editing software

  28. Sir does the log mode work in xiomi mia1?

  29. I've tried recording in 4K mode on my Galaxy S7, but no matter how I try to change the settings, it records only in 4:3 ratio only. Any pointers? The developers of this app somehow do not believe in answering emails!

  30. Great video. Would love to see zebra's added into the app so you can see if it's blowing out.

  31. Can You Do A Video On How To Make Great Thumbnails With Android Please (Like if you agree)
    Like it up so he can see it

  32. Hey I'm using the Google pixel and it works incredible with this app. For the video but rate I can go all the way up to 200 you suggest using max settings ..I tried it and it does look impressive

  33. Thanks for the video. can you please clarify the following :
    1) what is the suitable video bit rate for India?
    2) what is flat colour profile (couldn't understand well enough).. Is it necessary for producing quality videos?
    3) Which app would you prefer and why? Open Camera or Cinema 4k (leaving aside the free and paid factor).

  34. no 60 or 120 fps, don't bother…

  35. best camera app ever ,period

  36. the camera app is amazing. My s7 edge can record 2k and another higher 4:3 resolution at 200bitrate, Raw footage with good manual controls!

  37. App keeps crashing at the start on my Samsung Galaxy S8 with Android 7.

  38. it's work in galaxy s7 or lg v20?

  39. using s7 edge. no 4k option. too bad.

  40. Is there a reason why this app doesn't feature the 3840 x 2160 UHD and instead features 3264 x 2448 for the Galaxy S8? I need the UHD resolution as it is 16:9. Instead I have to work with the 4:3 aspect ratio 🙁 Are there different versions of this app or something.

  41. Does Pixel XL Support 4k at 200Mbps, and have you got root access to enable camera2 api for for running Cinema 4K? Or Cinema 4K worked just like that?

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