Cheapest Best Smartphone Cell Phone Plan EVO V 4G Virgin Mobile Review Signal PROBLEM FIXES!

Cheapest Best Smartphone Cell Phone Plan EVO V 4G Virgin Mobile Review Signal PROBLEM FIXES!


** UPDATE 3/29/2013 ** I have a lot more info on this phone, Note this is still the world’s only 3D without glasses phone. Another video coming soon.
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THIS VIDEO EXPLAINS all issues, causes and FIXES for problems on the Evo V 4G as well as 4G speed and Netflix and Youtube streaming tests. It’s been a while but I now declare this phone the best bang for the buck. Evo V 4G from Virgin Mobile. This video review goes beyond all the other retarded reviews and gets down to the real nitty gritty of why some people are having horrible signal and gps and data rate problems and others are having an awesome experience. I had to return the phone 3 times and scour info all over the web to figure out that there were 2 yes count em two versions of this phone going around. First a give a little history of virgin mobile phones and my progression to the current best of the best deal there is.

The older SPRINT labeled EVO V 4g is just an old re-flashed Evo HTC 3D and has MANY issues from signal quality to lack of 4G functionality to horrible call quality (you sound like a mumbled blanket and no one can understand you). The newer phone does NOT have Sprint written on it and has a virgin mobile logo on the back and it works MUCH better without the jumpy reception from 0 to full bars or no 4G. It fixes almost all the issues and vs the jax, rumor touch, LG Optimus V, Triumph, Blackberries, and Iphone 4 and 4s this is the clear winner to me by many factors. Best fastest most accurate navigation map and gps of all phones in existence. Fastest 4G speed.

This phone is without a doubt the best there is on a non contract carrier and you can get it as cheap as $25 a month (with only 300 minutes but unlimited text and data – you might get throttled after 2.5 gigs). I am on the $55 unlimited plan and have gone way past the 2.5 gig limit without throttling. You WILL want to purchase a better battery. I got a 4000 mah battery here:

I went from the jax (cheapest phone in the universe) to the rumor touch to the LG Optimus V, to the horrible Triumph (returned it never used it long because none of them worked) to an Iphone 4S to this and I prefer this HTC Evo V vs Iphone 4s any day of the week. Just navigation alone and youtube is incredibly better and faster and while I don’t like google I do like the android system. This phone has full adobe flash as well which Iphone lacks.

This phone also has an amazing dual core snapdragon processor and incredible screen and touch sensitivity and real 3D that comes OUT of the screen (not just depth like the Nintendo 3ds) without glasses and in HD resolution! It even has hdmi out so you can use it in place of a dvd or blu-ray player and you can convert your 3D blu-rays to this phone and watch them in real 3D WITHOUT glasses!

To see the video I play in 3D here for yourself on your own EVO or with red / cyan glasses go here:

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  1. just to inform you this Virgin Mobile, Net10, Boost Mobile & tracfone I have nothing against prepaid Phone's I hate dealing with contracts so Kill that Sprint s*** just but like buying the cheapest car like Kia My mom owns a Kia Sorrento but the point is I like pre-paid phones

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  3. WHATS UP Trumpet dino pup!Seasons Greetings, Dont worship satan that's the enemy.

  4. I think you have another phone by now, the movie director always needs to be up to date!

  5. You look like Willy Wonka the phone man

  6. Android runs on Google dumbass

  7. Apple phones are made for Asians small hands.

  8. ty great review getting it today awesome!

  9. Google Is android dumd ass

  10. Doctor Who~! And has the phone had any updates since this video?

  11. Cannot find one at all in uk not getting contract buying for my grandson.

  12. Yooo does any one know if evo V3D has or supports flash player?

  13. My lg optimus v was durable not the best firmware but worked good and my rumer touch broke from opening the keyboard wich is dumb i replaced the phone and the same happend

  14. Awesome review.. went out and got 1 The best.. you rock, now I just have to get The extended battery!

  15. I got the one v its still pretty beast and more updated

  16. I am trying to find the phone where? and where can I get the modified back and battery please help me been a lot of places what about amazon?

  17. I have the Jax. Best phone ever, fuck the smartphones.

  18. @tayab146
    Its 130 bucks in radioshack

  19. @Tony arreguin
    Lol 3000 for phone

  20. Two questions. Does it automatically find a wifi signal for you? Does the Magic Jack app work on it?

  21. Sorry son,but your response is in error. ios is one of the most terrible closed systems there has ever been. Apple computers can't even play a blu-ray. Apple phones are tiny, locked into apples (not your) way of doing things, and are redonkulously overpriced and underpowered.

  22. Hate on iphone because ios is a better operating system

  23. Which stars? retarded ones.

  24. Can u plz give me the link where u purchased 4000mAH battery? I am getting a lot of them, and since this one is working with ur cell, I will go with it.

  25. were did you get your battery from?
    and how much

  26. Welcome to non retarded reviews I haven't been a hn a ha….lol

  27. I'm watching this on my samsung galaxy y young xD..

  28. would this be better than the Samsung Nexus S?

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