Car Locator – Best Android App to find your car (or any marked point)

Car Locator – Best Android App to find your car (or any marked point)


Car Locator is an Android app that allows you to mark where you parked quick and easy via gps. It will later guide you back to that point.

Car Locator is available in the Android Market here and is currently priced at $3.99:

There is also a trial version for FREE here:

There is also an Evernote plug-in for $1.99 for those interested here:

All apps are also currently available on the Amazon Appstore for the same price.


  1. Does this app tell you where your car is if someone else moves it like will it tell me where my car is parked every time without me having my phone in it or will my phone have to be in the car as I am driving and does my phone have to be in the car when I park somewhere to tell me where it's at or can my son be at home and my car be parked somewhere else

  2. It's like gta when you get out of your car and it's still on the map. Thanks for showing me this!

  3. Didn't there used to be a device you could carry on your keychain and it would signal to where you left your car

  4. Thanks, very helpful. Is this a free app?

  5. open MAP APP drop a pin, save it if you like, w.a.l.l.a… thats not what i need i need a very low cost car gps😅

  6. não entendi foi nada do que ele falou aff

  7. Guys, this app is really outdated…
    Try Parkify better, works like a charm, it's beautiful and it's free 😉

  8. I tried this app–but it REQUIRES a COMPASS, which is NOT included in a Galaxy J3

  9. Thanks for the strategies you have shared here.

  10. can you input your vn # into this app???

  11. Zus is a car charger/locator that also works similarly to this app. Does anyone know which is superior?
    The main question is: Will this app work without 4G/GPS?

  12. So in fact it does not locate your "car" , rather you have to enter the car's location and it will point to that location. It means that it will point to the location where the car was parked even if the car is moved to a new location.

  13. Hahaha, you live in Signal Hill in Long Beach. CA.

  14. please i need help on how to " CREATE GPS APP WHICH WILL ENABLE ME TO TRACK A VEHICLE"

  15. does anyone know of an app that can locate your car lets say if you let someone use your car maybe by putting the vin number

  16. It would be awesome if there was an app that you put your car number (the one thats on the back of the car) and it would find it! I just want a simple app that can help find your car

  17. I have cadillac escalade and all apps android is fake the question is how can I install that 2 my car how should they know what is my car

  18. The app itself doesn't use internet connection, but since it uses Google Maps/GPS to get your location, Maps does require internet

  19. is that app wants internet connection ?

  20. I don't understand the question. Sorry…. Perhaps you can clarify.

  21. how you install the car in your app

  22. There are elements of it that could help such as taking a pic of where your car is and recording info such as level/area, but GPS doesn't work so well under multiple layers of concrete so it's not gonna be able to guide you directly to your car. It could help you locate the structure itself if you wanted it to.

  23. Dies this app work inside – like a parking structure?

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