Build Mobile Apps for iOS, Android and Windows with Visual Studio Tools for Apache Cordova

Build Mobile Apps for iOS, Android and Windows with Visual Studio Tools for Apache Cordova


In this quick 7-minute overview, you’ll learn how you can code and debug cross-platform mobile apps using web technologies like HTML, CSS and JavaScript. We’ll take a whirlwind tour starting with setup where Visual Studio guides you through installation of all 12 tool chain dependencies you need to develop for the Android and iOS platforms. Then, we’ll take a peek at debugging your app. In this example, we’ll debug a Cordova Plugin that gives our sample app access to the device camera.


  1. can add database for app?

  2. sir can i ask one queation

  3. I wish Someone would answer ANY of the questions addressed here.

  4. I'm working on a hybrid app on VS2015.
    For IOS I use the remotebuild to connect to my mac and ios device.
    Currently I am trying to Configure the app for ios push notifications using GCM.

    Can anybody tell me if I need to configure anything in Xcode in my mac in order to make the push notifications work?
    Alot of the documentations I am reading requires me to open the project in xcode and drag in the
    GoogleService-Info.plist .
    This is after I upload P12 to generate my GCM api key.
    I am soo confused please help!

  5. no, VS 2015 does not ask me nor does anything automatically. In fact, very few videos here say to do custom install, which I think you must do. It would be very helpful for some one without a thick accent to explain to us trial users, how to set up this 'self correcting software'. I get a screen saying download AZURE, though Microsoft doesnt say what AZURE does. Most of the code uses JAVA or Cordova, which is really a JAVA library set or something like that. Even though I wrote code for 30 years, I cant get a header file or main file into a simple C++ project. You may think thats stupid of me. I find the main or project main app and copy my completed code into it, and it still says "hello world" rather than displaying my code. My college still uses 2011 and are mystified over 2015. I laugh when VB.NET first came out and employers were looking for someone with 2 years .NET experience. Now I am introduced to JSON, I see that pop up, no idea. Microsoft will not make the programming experience easy or even comprehensible, although web programming is very, very complex. It would be nice to here if you will make a video on plain basics and skip the Microsoft press releases. The software never does exactly what they say it will. I have a new Dell laptop running win10, and VS2015 cant find needed compiled header files to run in console mode. Try it again with a more helpful video. Thank you

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  7. hi, can i make dictionary, which have 3 languages, (Nepali-English-Myanmar) can you help me please…?

  8. Hi, why arent working $.ajax request on IOs builds? It is like the container built with apache cordova doesnt let go out the request, in android and windows phone works perfectly (I´m using VS Professional 2015 and Update 2 of apache cordova tools)

  9. Hi, I built my Cordova iOS app and I am unable to find the package for my iOS app in Mac device. I need that package to upload it to iTunes store. Please help.

  10. which folder copy – paste into solution?  how to modify index.js for work with camera plugin?

  11. so instead of c# and java you would use html and css?

  12. ios api what use? is free?

  13. hey
    i have install the visual studio community 2015 and it install all the package but after sucessfull installation it said package failed.

    There is any solution

  14. Microsoft finally doing the right thing. Good job guys. Keep it up. You may be on top again some day.

  15. I think this is a step in the right direction for MS good luck 😉

  16. Very nice, thanks!
    I wish we had more videos like this from other teams like WinJS or RxJS… yes, I'm into js

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