Blu Studio 6 LTE Review! Best Budget Smartphone?

Blu Studio 6 LTE Review! Best Budget Smartphone?


Budget Nexus 6 competitor? Blu slips under the radar with a phone with better specs than most budget phones. Could it be we are nearing the end of budget phone compromises?


  1. Nice video review, any suggestions for a budget phone as of February 2017? TIA, PS Just subscribed.

  2. hi, I have this phone. do you know how make a hard reset with keys?

  3. That phone is small compared to blu studio 7

  4. I'm getting blu studio 7

  5. It will work for only about 6 months then it will stop working for me I will never buy Blu cells phone anymore and I advise you to get Galaxy . ..

  6. this phone have notification light

  7. Have you tried the 7Lte?

  8. I will buy this for $45.00

  9. Did you have any trouble making calls using bluetooth? I spend so much time on the road that it's pretty rare for me to hold my phone to my face. I almost always have a bluetooth hands-free device or a wired earpiece of some kind.

  10. My friend has the same phone

  11. This phone is shit compared to the lg G3

  12. How is the battery life?

  13. hey what kind of sim card to they take? and what if i don't have that certain sim card? i have a micro sim for the blu stuido 5.5 ( trying to upgrade to this )

  14. With the dollar rate this phone in canada is 460.00 on …..

  15. got one at Walmart for $20.00

  16. can a  person watch you tube with this phone?

  17. where can i find it for 200 dollars?

  18. Nice clear speaking, to the point style review. The acting/flashy reviews of other YouTubers can get old. Liked + Subbed. I bought this phone for my daughter and she likes it for sure. It definitely won't pull me away from my Note 5 though lol.

  19. hello is the battery for the phone and volume

  20. I'm looking for a custom recovery and Lollipop rom such as TWRP or Cyanogen. Any ideas or links?

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