BIAS FX Universal for iPhone Review | GEAR GODS

BIAS FX Universal for iPhone Review | GEAR GODS


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We sat down with the brand-new BIAS FX Universal app from Positive Grid, which is making its debut on the iPhone!

“Download BIAS FX here:”

(Note: the screencap footage on top was zoomed in roughly 200%, hence the bit of blur that can be seen)

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  1. Do you have to buy the mobile stuff seperately if you already bought bias fx for your pc? Are they two separate things?

  2. How much will it cost?

  3. Can I use it thru my effect loop on my real amp and just use the effects …will I be able to turn off the bias amp

  4. I`ve just imagined a guitarist to gig with an Iphone and then someone calls during the solo lol

  5. "There's a tuner, check this out. It tunes."

  6. How is latency? It looked off in the video

  7. They dun goofed by not making it available for Android on release.

  8. I still prefer tube amp with an attenuator(if its loud ) and a ir loader for recording purposes .

  9. No Android version is absolute BULLSHIT!

  10. Should I get the iRig Pro I/O or iRig Pro Duo?

  11. i saw their promo and immidiately was worried that no one probably hadnt a demo of it yet. oh k then whats on my subs…. SHVHIIOIIIET

  12. Great video, man! What audio interfaces do you recommend for use with iphones and ipads? thx

  13. Gear God's rock ! Do you recommend a Schecter C-1 platnium for $399 for my first guitar ?

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