Best Wireless Security Camera System: Arlo Pro Review!

Best Wireless Security Camera System: Arlo Pro Review!


Best wireless security camera system? Arlo Pro Review!
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Netgear Arlo Pro is one of the few security camera systems that is completely wireless. It’s a bit expensive compared to ordinary security systems, but Arlo Pro has more features since it’s “smart” and completely wireless. The free basic plan supports up to 5 cameras and has 7 days of free cloud storage. The Premier plan is $100/year, supports up to 10 cameras and has 30 days of free cloud storage. Included in the box are: the base station, base station power adapter, Ethernet cable, Arlo Pro cameras with rechargeable batteries, power adapter/cable to recharge the batteries, and magnetic wall mounts with mounting screws. The setup was very smooth. The guide was easy to follow. It doesn’t take long at all and consists of downloading the free Arlo app (iOS, Android, and Amazon), creating your free Arlo account, connecting the base station to your router, then syncing and mounting the cameras. Last week Arlo announced the Arlo Pro 2 which is the newest version of Arlo Pro and even though it is slightly better in a couple of ways, many of the new features depend on the Arlo Pro 2 camera being plugged into power and indoors. That’s why I still recommend getting the original Arlo Pro system because it is cheaper and the Arlo Pro 2 camera is compatible with it. Arlo Pro cameras are indoor/outdoor. They have a 300-ft line of sight range from the base station and are IP65-certified weatherproof so they should be fine in the snow, rain, or heat. Cameras connect to the mounts via the built-in magnets which allows you to easily adjust the camera angle and quickly remove the cameras when you need to recharge. Arlo says a battery can last 4-6 months but it really just depends on the camera settings and how much it is recording and detecting motion or sound. Mine have been installed for about 7 weeks, and they’re all right below 60% so if they continue like this they should last around 4 months total on a full charge. The way Arlo Pro works is it’s not designed to be constantly recording and saving video. Instead, Arlo Pro is meant to record short video clips only upon motion detection or sound detection. Even though it’s not constantly saving video, the cameras are constantly active and you are able to live stream any camera at any time from your smartphone or device of choice as long as your device is connected to the internet. That’s another reason I went with Arlo Pro because all the cameras can be managed and viewed via the free app wherever I am. I love that the app can be configured to log in automatically with Touch ID on my iPhone. On the Devices tab you can see all your different cameras and you can view a live feed by tapping the play button. Under the cameras there’s a button to trigger the base station alarm which is a super loud 100 decibel siren. The Library tab gives you a daily list to view any recorded clips that are stored in the cloud on your account. You can tap on any video clip to view it and on the free basic plan, you can download and save it any time within 7 days of the clip being recorded. It has 4 main modes: Armed, Disarmed, Schedule, and Geofencing. You can customize the settings however you’d like. In the Armed mode you can set the rules for each of your cameras. You can set each camera to record upon motion, sound or both or neither. You can tell it what to do when it detects motion or sound, you can configure it to turn the siren on or not upon detection, and you can set your notification settings so it will instantly notify you if motion is detected on one of your cameras. The Schedule mode lets you set a custom schedule of days and times that will automatically arm and disarm your system. Geofencing mode will automatically arm and disarm your system whenever your smartphone is within a certain radius of your base station. The camera quality is 720p standard HD resolution, and that’s where the new Arlo Pro 2 cameras have the biggest advantage because those are full HD 1080p. The cameras have a wide 130-degree viewing angle so they are able to capture a lot inside the frame. They have 2-way audio with a microphone and speaker. You can choose to enable night vision which is pretty decent quality. Grant access lets you give access to your spouse or whoever you choose so they can download and install the Arlo app and view all your cameras. After using this for over a month I think the #ArloPro system is the best wireless #SecurityCamera system for people who want something that’s easy to set up and use, and something that is completely wireless.



  1. Buy Arlo Pro on Amazon:
    Arlo Pro 2 on Amazon:
    Arlo Pro Accessories on Amazon:

  2. Does the system have any internal recording feature other than cloud?

  3. Excellent review! This taught me a ton.

  4. Arlo products are crap. I started out with the non-Pro system. I had half of the cameras give up after four months and returned the entire system. I gave Pro a try, hoping they corrected their problems and it had rechargable batteries and sound. It was no better. Two of my cameras have batteries that only last one day. Two other cameras are disconnected from the system and I cannot reconnect them. THey replaced one on warranty. The others they want me to pay shipping to replace them after only four months of ownership under a one-year warranty. They do not support their products and their products do not last. Out of 9 cameras, I have problems on 6 of them, that need replacement. What is going to happen after the warranty is over? Their system is CRAP.

  5. I have a question about the basic subscription plan. So if you stay on the basic, does that mean you only get 7 Days of recording and then you can go in and erase the storage so it can keep recording or do you have to pay for the other plans in order to keep recording? Hope that made sense

  6. Do not buy netgear products wont stand behind there products and not repairable and one year warranty arlo go verison

  7. firearms and good security is a must these days

  8. Wireless is Crap!!! At the end of the day you'll Not be happy when you face all kinds of problems Not told in this video and finally you'll be returning the product.

  9. You talk too fucking much about nonsense
    Just get to the point pal!

  10. Is there a record option while you're watching the live feed?

  11. Can't get my outdoor camera off night vision , images almost totally washed out.

  12. Can you download/save the video from the cloud?

  13. If it disarms when it detects your phone leaving your property and disarms again when you return to your property what good is it?

  14. I thank you for posting this because there's things going on around my house and I have one but my mom will get more later because it cost over 100$ but yeah I really thank you so much for this vid #like #subscribe

  15. Great review Andy. You covered everything that I was concerned about. I have been looking for a wireless system for over a year. Arlo was on my radar, but I didn't purchase. Today, quite by accident, I saw the Arlo Pro including 3 cameras was on a very good price at HSN. I never shop there, but am opening an account to purchase this system based on the information you've provided. Thanks for an excellent review!

  16. I'd be concerned about that they are magnetically attached as they are easily stolen, even out of reach someone can easily get a ladder swing by and steal it. I suppose you could mount it as discussed but then battery replacement would be trickier. Still great review thanks for posting

  17. I bought it the pro 2 faux 1080 p & returned it the next day, 7 feet in front of the camera all you see is pixels & not make out anybody’s face,sometimes there a 1 minute delay/ lag,it’s faux 1080 p just like leatherette(faux leather) don’t believe the label !and you can only watch 1 camera at a time waiting for it to load , all this with high speed internet, it’s a joke!

  18. The only thing I don’t like about these battery operated cameras is the fact that you have to change the batteries every couple of months. I had to return my Arlo and I ended up getting the Armorax camera, the outdoor one, it’s not battery operated, but it has a better picture quality and does everything I need from a security camera.

  19. Do you need a subscription for them to work

  20. Does the ARLO PRO require the base station to be physically connected to your WIFI device with cable or is that just for the setup?

  21. Suberb review! Can you use this camera as baby monitor? can you watch live feed and is there any delay? Thank you

  22. Got a Canary ad before the Arlo review. Sheisty bastards.

  23. I had a service interruption on March 8 2018 I contacted the Arlo support listed on the booklet and was charged $199.00 to have my service turned. Today March 15, 2018 my services is interrupted again. I have 2 cameras a phone and computer nothing is working. I need help.

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