Best windows 8 app store games pc

Best windows 8 app store games pc


best top 10 windows 8 apps store games


  1. What about hungry shark evolution???

  2. Grepeater- guys these video in my opinion it is helpful, because some people they have pc or laptop, but they don't know what to download from window store, so please enjoy it, the new game on window store is: GANGSTAR NEW ORLEANS( available on android and iOS) window 8.1.

    Keyboard using: Minecraft keyboard.
    Device: J7PRIME
    My pc: window8.1

    … Leave a comment@!!

  3. nice job u stole a video from ign

  4. blitz brigade are for windows 8.1

  5. I cant find 6-six guns game

  6. why does everyone like lambos so much they are not even that too everyone thinks they are the best

  7. asphalt 8 is the best on that list then blits

  8. OMG where is Game Dev Story?

  9. I hope windows 10 store brings a lot more awesome games like these ones

  10. thx man this really helped me out! 😀 if you dont mind checkingg out my channel that would be very awesome!

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