Best Video Editing Apps for iPhone and Android

Best Video Editing Apps for iPhone and Android


Craig and Braden talk about some of their favorite video editing apps for iPhone and Android and whether Final Cut Pro may finally be starting to up their game a bit.
Apps mentioned:
– iMovie (iOS –
– Pinnacle Studio (iOS –
– VideoCraft (iOS –
– Magisto (Play Store –

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  1. Title says for IPhone and Android so why do mention FinelCut Pro. That’s for Mac.

  2. cool video thanks! i use imovie and it glitches way too much

  3. dude, the world is Android not 🍎 ? oh come on ,

  4. you deserve so More sub's than 1k u deserve more like 1m

  5. Fellas, iMovie is six hundred megs! So, get a little perspective. The thing is big enough to wipe your asses when you spoon each other. It probably spoons with you, is how big it is. It is big enough to pinch your poopers. Kinemaster, on the other hand is like forty something megs, and basically is useless on iOS, because of Apple's cripple everything credo. Feel free to hate, but deep down you know that's what Apple does, especially if you came over from Android… Which, by the way is a word that's banned in the app store. That's right. Developers cannot use the word Android in their descriptions.

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  7. ohhhhh i use PocketVideo for ios, ITS REALLY GOOD LIKE SO AWESOME, CHECK IT OUT

  8. i have 2 good apps: Videon and Perfect Video Pro

  9. Классные чуваки))

  10. Love the fish tank… lol… good tips guys

  11. How you do to out two video

  12. If somoene ask me how show me how to edit i will said yiu

  13. The problem is when im done editing on iMovie it takes really long for me to upload it and I've got good wifi any tips??

  14. can we cut videos from middle in magisto

  15. this isn't a very old video, but I just wanted to ask is there a way you can get a editor of effects on android like imovie,video star and stuff like that I can't find it, and I just wanted to ask if you know any

  16. I need an android editor that can put another video in a video like in the left corner

  17. whats the second apps name?

  18. Any free ones Anybody??????????????????????????????

  19. if I can't pause while recording vdo…then which app is there for android pphone that can delete those parts from the vdo…pls tell me someone

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