BEST VALUE Camera Mic? – Video Micro & VideoMic Me Review, Test & Comparisons

BEST VALUE Camera Mic? – Video Micro & VideoMic Me Review, Test & Comparisons


The Rode VideoMic Me and Rode VideoMicro, two new on camera microphones from Rode, one for compact system cameras, the other for iPhone & other smartphones… but how they sound?
Also a Rode videomic Go vs Rode Videomic Me / VideoMic go vs Videomicro side by side comparison.
On board camera mics vs VideoMicro
and iPhone microphone vs VideoMic me.


  1. What a great review video! Liked and Subscribed!

  2. Great video. Really helpful.

  3. Thank you SO MUCH for this review!

  4. Great video mate, thank you from South Africa. Help me make the decision on which mic, going with the ME.

  5. Great video! I just ordered the video mic me because I want to switch from using my Canon T3i to using my Samsung galaxy S8 for my YouTube videos. Thanks for the help!

  6. Your tests are supercool! You demonstrate EXACTLY what we folks want to know at the speed at which we are thinking about it – no need to skip ahead at all! Brilliant!!!

  7. Haha so glad you started off stating you 'sound terrible'… I was thinking .. oh no … I am listening to a review about mics and the guy does not sound good?

  8. Yay 😀 thank you Blunty!

  9. you sold me on the video micro

  10. Just bought the Videomic me, thank you!

  11. Just what I needed.. VideoMicro vs VideoMic Me thanks.

  12. Blunty your reviews are great, love the personality! New fan. I'm going to buy the Rode VideoMic Me right now! RODE HOOK THIS GUY UP!!!

  13. Very nice comparison video. I just posted a comparison video on my channel between the Rode VideoMic Me and the Movo VXR1000. I like the Rode VideoMic me because it fits so easily in seconds on my Galaxy S7 edge phone even with the case left on and it's fairly stealthy when video'ing vlogs out in the public. Anyway, I enjoyed your video and subscribed. Cheers! 🙂

  14. Thank you very helpful 🙏

  15. Very nice review.. 👍

  16. I love my video mic me well worth the money!!!!!

  17. Thank you for this very useful and nice review. I'm giving you my Like and a sub!

  18. You need to get Amazon affiliate links my dude! You def deserve to be getting some royalties for this

  19. Very very impressive work m gona subscribe u

  20. Great overview, thanks. I just ordered the videomic me

  21. This comparison is the best on the internet!

  22. Thank you. Really serious and hands-on review! You make the really important things about each mic stand out, you detail everything satisfactorily. This has been a big help!

  23. Extremely helpful vid 👍🏽

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