Best SMS App for the iPhone || Includes: Quick Compose, Templates and Message Counter

Best SMS App for the iPhone || Includes: Quick Compose, Templates and Message Counter


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  1. You can send free international sms from web at . It works 100%

  2. Can you do "send to many" ?

  3. One more question. Can you jailbreak your iPod without an computer?

  4. Do you have to have cydia?

  5. If you have iMessage then you can message me 🙂 I love talking to people!

  6. I need someone to talk with on message app 🙁

  7. Sorry for wasting your time 🙂 I really hope that you can check out my new content. I don't post jailbroken content anymore! You might enjoy my latest videos!

  8. Yea I figured that out later on .. Lol thanks I don't wish to jailbreak my phone.

  9. You can only get this app from the cydia store (jailbroken devices only).

  10. I am not finding this app in the app store..

  11. I would say so, everything is confidential and I never had an issue with the service!

  12. Would this be good for a family to have a discussion (private ) about important dicisions?

  13. It is called biteSMS – thank you for checking out my video and commenting!

  14. It was a background that I found in Cydia!

  15. free international texting?

  16. It really does 🙂 thank you for your comments!

  17. No, it will disable the app when your device is in sleep mode 🙂

  18. 100,202 views!!! Thank you for the support everyone 😉

  19. does this app give u a txt alert even if its in sleep mode?!?

  20. yeah doing that makes the process easier:')

  21. You can just restore your phone to factory settings then send it back for repair 😀

  22. @jwatsonjordan no apple have to repair your phone if its under warranty jaibroken or not

  23. if youre Iphone is brain new i wouldnt couse if something happens to it u have no phone, i have mine jailbroken and my brother makes progerms to be able to jailbrake it like he made Green Poison, so u know 1nce its jailbroken apple wont repair it without a fee thats the only issue.

  24. It is safe if you know what you are doing. It can void your warranty though so be careful..

  25. @Minniesoda1116 you have to jailbreak you phone

  26. Is it safe to jailbreak ur phone

  27. thanks for the tip – unfort. biteSMS keeps crashing, BUT I wanted to ask you what the name of your beautiful shelve / plant theme was 😀 greetings from Austria to Australia*

  28. Thanks for helping people out 🙂

  29. cydia – an app added by jailbreaking your device,
    how to jailbreak your device? to see if its jailbreakable, and download any app it suggests you in order to do it, then follow the instructions…
    most suggested app atm : absinthe, it jailbreaks 4s and 4 @ version 5.1.1 in under 5 mins.

    good luck anyone, thumbs so anyone would see..

  30. how do you jailbrake an iphone?

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