Best Microphone Under $20? — 3 Cheap Microphones for YouTube Videos

Best Microphone Under $20? — 3 Cheap Microphones for YouTube Videos


Check out the best cheap microphone under $20 on Amazon here: ***** Download the FREE Think Media TV Video Gear Buyer’s guide here:

List of the Best Cheap Mics for YouTube Videos:

1. Boya By-m1 Condenser Microphone with 1/4″ Adapter for Smartphones, Dslr, Camcorders

I love this Boya Mic because it works with both smartphones and cameras with mic inputs. It also has a long 20 foot cable (6 meters) which give you a lot of versatility. And it sounds great — especially for the price!

2. TAKSTAR SGC-598 Interview Shotgun Microphone

3. Fifine Usb Podcast Condenser Microphone Recording On a Laptop or Desktop

(The microphone I use in this Video) Rode VMPR VideoMic Pro Shotgun Microphone

(Video Playlist) Best Microphones For YouTube and DSLR Video

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About this video:
In this video Sean Cannell from THiNK media TV talks about the best microphone under $20. The list of the best mics under 20 dollars us covered in this video in the best budget mic setup series. If you’re looking for cheap microphone for camera solutions or the best cheap mic for youtube videos – check out this video!


  1. I didnt understand which mic to buy if i film with my android phone and wanna do voiceovers on my videos can i do that from my cellphone or do i need a computer for that im starting to film cooking videos but use my phone any mic sugestion or if i can do voice over on cell thanks…..

  2. I suggest for you the purple panda lavalier mic 🙂

  3. How are using these mics and not getting any fuzzy noises in the background like you’d normally hear just recording from your phone?

  4. Is there a budget stereo mic

  5. Your thumbnails make me CRINGE

  6. I have a takstar sgc-598 and it's great. I want to try the boya by-mm1.

  7. Finally it's not Hindi

  8. Hey Sean could you do a review on the Boya MM1

  9. do i need a camera to use the first mic

  10. I purchased both the Boya abd the Takstar that you recommended. I am very happy with both mics.

  11. Thanks for very helpful advise, I am going for the 'Fifine' USB condenser microphone for sure, awesome post keep up the good work!

  12. My mic what I’m getting was 30 Dollars And it’s sound like a mic that would cost 200 dollars all my friends use it but I think it has gone up to 50 Dollars Now Sadly

  13. Hi Sean, can you suggest a decent wireless mic to film fitness videos please? Thanks.

  14. I use the BOYA it is a great microphone and Rode…!!! Awasome!

  15. People: uses amazon for buying cheap stuff*. Ebay: *autistic screeching

  16. …can i have that boya mic please, any giveaways homie.

  17. I don’t really use microphones I just use my phone also can my channel get a shoutout

  18. The Boya not works with the 700d 🙁

  19. +thinkmedia will this Boya mic work with my iPhone 7plus because the iPhone jack isn’t the same anymore it does come with a plug to plug in a microphone type.. however will think work the same ?

  20. late comment but the last one helps alot.

  21. my boya mic won't connect to dslr canon t7i…

  22. my channel has 161 subs but after 100subs the subs count is very slow

  23. Thanks for all your helpful content and information

  24. can the boya connect to headsets?

  25. An iPhone (that you most likely already have) like the SE, 5, 6s etc. can produce amazing audio if you have it close to you and use the free iTalk (by Griffin) app. You can monitor the audio and pause it and start recording again without making a new file.

  26. Love this video tooooo, i gotta save money for boya microphone. I subbed you longgggn time ago n i been watching yr videos ever time i need tips for tec. I want to make videos for youtube and i want to invest in a good tec so thanks for this video:)))

  27. lol your camera mic sounds worse that the boya

  28. I have boya but cannot connect to pc. Works well with Mobile.

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