Best Mac Apps for 2017!

Best Mac Apps for 2017!


Download Dashlane –
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Download Alfred –
Download Itsycal –
Download Ulysses –
Download BetterSnapTool –

Too many people use macOS Sierra without knowing apps that save time, energy, and money! In today’s episode of Snazzy Labs, we show our top 5 favorite utilities for Mac OS X-the best Mac apps for 2017! From Dashlane, an awesome password manager, to Itsycal, a tiny little menubar calendar widget-we cover it all!

Includes paid promotion by Dashlane.


  1. is there an update?.. i dont see itsycal in the app store

  2. Try out spectacle for window snapping — its better and its free!

  3. if you go to settings you can make it say the date, without clicking it

  4. What kind of keyboard do you have?

  5. I've been using Dashlane before this video and didn't know it was so good!

  6. Just hold the full screen button

  7. i dont have clipboard features in my alfred

  8. which keyboard do you use in this video?

  9. Dashlane is expensive. 40 bucks a year. LastPass is cheaper and works with Windows, Android, Mac, iPhone, Linux, etc. Much better in case you work on multiple platforms.

  10. The "best" apps do things that the pc already does, but slightly more conveniently?
    No wonder Windows is so much more popular.

  11. Hey Buddy these apps can available at THE PIRATE BAY please reply me….!!!!

  12. I did like Alfred, but it doesnt show enough results.

  13. the sound of the keys on the keyboard is so satisfying lmao!

  14. Does the other person must have a dashlane account?

  15. Oh May gosh! I just found out there is clipboard history 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️ how many lost stuff unnecessary lost 😑

  16. your voice leave you alone 😂😜

  17. beautiful wallpapers can you have?

  18. Little correction, password changer is not a free feature, therefore, dashlane sucks (for me at least)

  19. Magnet does have what you have customized in the last software!

  20. Ulysses better than Scrivener?

  21. What is in your opinion the best way to sync bookmarks between different browsers? I’d prefer a cross platform solution since I use macOS, Windows and even Linux.

  22. "If you drag it to the bottom.." Rethinking life

  23. How about Bear Pro vs. Ulysses? They seem quite similar to me?

  24. wow great audio , what kind of mic do you use?

  25. Spectacle is better than BetterSnapTool.

  26. Hey what is the keyboard sound i hear when you type, I assume that its an download?

  27. Hey, the bettersnaptool is in MacOS 11. If you click and hold the green full-screen button, you can drag it in to the left, right, bottom, top, 2/3 left and 2/3 right!

  28. Yo what keyboard are you using in this video?

  29. Dashlane is great, and it's sychronized on ALL of your devices and platforms , but after having FULL functionality for a month, you have to join and support it – which is only fair! –

  30. I must disagree with choosing Dashlane. I have been using LastPass for the last 1.5 years and it offers all of the features mentioned. At the time, I remember it was the least expensive password manager. Anyway, just wanted to through LastPass out there for the best password manager. Check it out before buying (as with anything you purchase 🙂 ).

  31. its the same thing that Mac has for its native password manager, keychain has everything you need, seems to me its just an app, that duplicates what Mac OS already had, but they gamble you havent heard about it

  32. is there an app to make my laptop's screen 15 inches? 13 is too small

  33. Hyperdock > Better Snap Tool

  34. background of your video thumbnail?

  35. Intriguing app, what happens if I'm trying to access an app or site on someone else's device and they dont have Dashlane? I use both platforms, Mac & PC, any know issues?

  36. Bruh the mouse clicks are annoying af

  37. fro some reason Dashlane doesn't work. Srry gave this one 1 dislike

  38. is the feature password changer on dashline only for premium user?

  39. HOLY SHIT MY BDAY IS MARCH 16th!!!!!

  40. I love this thank you so much

  41. You are dreaming if you think dashlane is better than 1password. Of course, dashlane probably paid you. Unfortunately, that means your reviews are biased. Which makes them of little use.

  42. The first app, what happens if your Mac gets hacked? They get your credit card number, passwords etc. 😒

  43. Wow. Background photo from my small country Cyprus 🇨🇾. Great video by the way.

  44. 1st: like this comment

    2nd: reply "done" when subbed

    3rd: I sub back:)

  45. Ulysses just got more expensive, it’s now subscription based

  46. Great video! Where can I get your background from?

  47. I see dash lane I dislike… Seriously, trying to find a quality set of apps for mac is impossible because every "whats on my mac" video is a damn paid commercial

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