Best iPhone Photography Apps

Best iPhone Photography Apps


This is a roundup of the apps I uss on my iPhone for snapping, editing, and sharing pictures.

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  1. You are great!  Thanks for sharing your information.

  2. How do u play music with just a photo showing like I see on instagram

  3. I have a question about the Instagram app, what is your number?

  4. Can u please do an updated video of this. I love editing and I love your videos so can you please make another one,

  5. Thanks for generously sharing all your insights! I'm curious, almost 2 years later, do you have a new favorite app for photos?!


  6. Paper camera is cool too.

  7. try griddin is also funny

  8. What are best printing sites….I am new and have a bunch of pictures to print.

  9. follow me on instagram. i will return the favor.- neddddd

  10. Lol Pano. It means fuck in finnish…

  11. Photosynth is free and panoramic photosv

  12. @DarkRing09 Yes, Iris Studio and DXP. 🙂

  13. i love instaghram 😛
    just got hipster gonna try it out 🙂

  14. Add ME on instagram

  15. @ejchuibpogi …… LOL a little late, but thanks

  16. Nice review. But is ther an app where i can merge two photos together??????

  17. what can i use to record a video with different lens like the fisheye lens

  18. Thanks so much!! I willstart using some of these apps. Nice video!

  19. I wish I had an iPhone! I have an iPod touch without a camera.

    Sent from my iPod 😀

  20. Really loved it, and really helped, thankyou very much (:

  21. I am getting an iPhone 3Gs and I love this review as is so helpful in informing me about the wonderful and best photo apps for iPhone.

  22. @tdktv didnt know your battery life shortens drastically cuz you have more apps on it… hmm thats new

  23. i made a video about Apple.

  24. Thanks for the review Amanda

  25. Can u do a video about Mac store?

  26. I love your videos 🙂 you're so helpful

  27. @hugoruivinho watch her room tour (the latest one), there's a link in the description of her latest room tour video

  28. @memphisab longer videos are much better as she goes into quite alot of detail

  29. nice vvideo cogratulations

  30. are you going to get into dslr photography, by any chance?? if you enjoy photography, you should definitely think about it. 🙂

  31. Are there any videos on youtube that show the quality of the iMacs insight camera? I can't seem to find any. x.x

  32. where did you get your iphone stand!!

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