Best iPhone eBook App: Kindle

Best iPhone eBook App: Kindle




In this video I take a look at Kindle as part of my three way comparison to decide the best iPhone and iPod touch eBook app.

Kindle has a lot of good things going for it, including a solid reading interface, outstanding library of both paid and free titles and support for multiple devices.


  1. can i change the language?how?

  2. So how do you get a list of previously bookmarked pages so you can start where you left off or go to an important page for reference?

  3. Miss Brenda and the loveladies

  4. is it easy to read since the iphone screen is a bit small?

  5. Can you listen to audio books on this app?

  6. *Chuck Norris subscribes.

  7. i took a shot every time he said "go ahead" and by the end i was dead.

  8. @4cookieman Since I was about seven.

  9. I would definitely agree that this is the superior app of the three. Compatibility being the number one reason. Check out the giveaway going on on my channel!

  10. So you would recommend iBooks if an iPod Touch/iPhone is your primary mobile device?

  11. @Path2Exile Well I've only made videos for about two years but thanks you very much. 🙂

  12. @duncan33303
    Duncan, you SUCK! Why?
    U do such amazing reviews, and demos while u have so little subscribers…
    Your reviewer skill level surelly does not reflect in popularity of your channel…
    How is that, some lame kids get circa 100k subs without any effort at all, while u, working hard for 3,5years now, have not yet reached 20k? I would suggest to read some guides on advertising yt profile or smth… (meaybe try more controversial video tittles?)
    Regards, A fan of yours.

  13. @marquesbrownlee That would be because YouTube decided that it should be public rather than private lol.

  14. @marquesbrownlee lol, i noticed that too

  15. reading books on the ipod… duuudeee. You have to go to the next page like 1000 times.

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