BEST Ghost Hunting iPhone Apps!

BEST Ghost Hunting iPhone Apps!


I review the best apps for ghost hunting including GhostHunter M2, Appzilla, iTalk, and SpectrumView. Watch and learn about these great spector-searching apps!


  1. Ghost radar is the best app to find ghost,because is the REAL APP that help you find ghost,and my house has 2 ghost,some of my neighbors house have 2 or 3 ghost

  2. M2 and echovox and Sonos x10 are my Favourites

  3. I have the GhostHunter M2.

  4. I juste juped out of my chaire when hé screamed !!!!XD

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  6. omg im cringing sooo hard right now lol

  7. that was very very cool man but I dont know if I have those on Android but I will try to look them up,Thanks alot for the information.

  8. I go investigations a lot.  Used big equipment or none at all as I am mystic.  Its nice to have validation.  The young man is absolutely correct.  There is initial gibberish, but when in true haunting, these tools provide evidence.  Good work, young man!

  9. sir I would suggest script yourself before, then you wont uhm alot. keept it going 

  10. how can u tell that any ghost apps are real

  11. DO NOT DO THIS!!! it is not a game you want to loose..

  12. try the apps by digital dowsing. bill creates real ghost hunting equip and created these apps for use on iphones. also hawes parakit is endorsed by Jason hawes of ghost hunters. 🙂

  13. This app basically throws out random words til finally one comes as being legit if i showed the Evps its give me you can tell its completely a garbage app and if you look on the app it says for entertainment purposes only !! people will fucking believe anything ~!

  14. Id like the app to say my name.. Ive asked it to say my name and it hasnt.I watched 3 of these u tube videos on this app..three seperate movies tye word afghanistan came up as well as my phone.. that makes me wonder if the app has debunked itself.. the word squirrel just came up lol

  15. I feel if a ghost were to try and communicate with you.. they would try and point out specific things on you or around you to validate to you that they are communicating with you…Ive had some nonesense words pop up..but nothing tangible… evp equipment is very expsensive and sensitive.. not sure how and why they would sell it for a dollar on the app store…

  16. The M2 is THE best ghost hunter on the market… It's really good!

  17. I have downloaded several android radar applications to detect entities though not the ones you have mentioned. Those applocations have an uncanny ability to detect paranormal things. Our house seems to be full of these ghosts though I do not feel their presence in the least.

  18. hey, sorry can u say any BEST ghost hunting apps what would be free, need those! 🙂

  19. It Is My friends and i Did CISH aka NYIT/ Central Islip State Hospital in Central Islip NY and we got EMFS of 15's in the dorm rooms lights off and Creepy EVPS in the dorms with the lights and we have a photo of me with my back red looking like some1 scratched me or slapped me

  20. We've been using Paranormal Camera and have captured a light anomaly and some strange shadow movements

  21. will check theses out thanks

  22. Have you tried the contact paranormal app?

  23. Thanks for the review. I have everyone except the ghost hunter m2. Could you send me the app? I'm trying to find a free one. I don't have a credit card for iTunes. I think u should of added ghost radar classic legacy and connect to your ghost hunting apps. Maybe even a good night vision or thermal camera app as well to your arsenal of ghost hunting apps. Even a motion activated camera app too. For them all night records. Just a thought.

  24. I have Ghost Hunter M2, and im also a United States Marine and i live in Barracks, so i downloaded the app and tested it there to see if anything happened, well i let it sit for an hour, and the only thing was the EMF, which is explaineable, but when i slept at my Fiancees house, which she claims is haunted and i have seen fast moving apparisions, i used it there, and it went NUTS on me, i was getting EVPs, EMFs, and readings on the Ghost Radar, i think that app is legit and truely works, i thi

  25. sweet thanx,i hate buying crap that dont work.its cool u test them first to tell whats real or shit.
    p.s this is my daughters pic,she dont thanx alot

  26. thats very helpful my friend. have good one…

  27. ghost hunter app – tell me is emf lvl changes if u switch ur phone to airplane mode?? is there any difference or is it must for app to work correctly. ill be starting some investegations and i thought i will give an iphone app a go..

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