BEST Budget Smartphones – Best Value – Best Cheap Smartphones – Review & Comparison

BEST Budget Smartphones – Best Value – Best Cheap Smartphones – Review & Comparison


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  1. Your upward inflection when speaking is really annoying, sorry to say it. I am not American so maybe it's more jarring to my ears. It sounds like everything you say is a question. The technical term for that way of speaking is uptalk. I couldn't finish the video because I couldn't keep listening

  2. You are very articulate and that's good; but you are overdoing the "t's". Most are silent at the end of words. Over pronouncing it can be a bit distracting. Otherwise, thank you for the good information.

  3. waiting for 2015 version of this

  4. i don't get my package yet

  5. That's not fuckin cheap. any over $300 is not cheap. Mid range but not cheap

  6. You forgot to mention that the moto g also has a 16gb version and the moto e has an 8gb version

  7. My phone has 324mb 🙁

  8. Moto x, moto g or moto e ?

  9. the latest googleboy ! sure these are the best in the market..but moto x & nexus 5 r budget phones ????
    they r cheap smartphones?? they r under-priced best smartphones..

  10. Hey dude thats so expensive try to go in korea seoul because in seoul there is a mart called techno mart go in there and u will know all of the best budget smart phone. But its second hand

  11. you have very helpful vids and you've just gained another subscriber 🙂 but i noticed that you use only the most known brands, i for instance have found a chinese phone that looks really promising, it's the qubot x9, it's quite cheap, 8-core, 13mp camera back and 8mp front, 2gb rom and 8gb ram with 140euros or something more in dollars like 170$ ( not sure though) , but its' reviews are bad as i saw… they say that it should be much more quicker for 8core.. i don't know, what do you thing? i just want a mobile that has really good camera and being fast, most of my phones were slow and that was my greatest dissatisfaction, especially when i fulled them ( i love photos and music, as well as games and apps) which would you recommend for me? thanks in advance and sorry for the long comment and grammar mistakes 🙂

  12. spending 350 on nexusor moto x, you might as well get a used s5…

  13. I watched one of your other videos and I'm just wondering if you are being paid by Motorola. There are so many other smart phones with better specs and are much cheaper. Either you don't know what your talking about or the money Moto is paying you is so good you can't talk about any other phones. This is the last video of yours I'll watch. Please people don't take this guy's advice – it's tainted.

  14. For those curious im pretty sure the backround music is Nitro Fun-New Game

  15. You can expand your storage on Moto E uptp 32 gigs. Afterall, Moto E is 'Priced for all'

  16. There is not much to add when true facts can speak by themselves. The Xiaomi was by far the fastest smartphone on the market when it was released, and still is hard to beat. No wonder about the reason it broke the company’s sales record, with 200,000 units sold in native China in the first 3 minutes on the launch day.

    The value for price is stunning. The device feels responsive and reliable from the first touch and the specs are higher than the average flagship phone, yet it is still quite cheap. The Xiaomi brand really deserves much more international consideration than what it currently has.

  17. moto X is waterproof and like 200 USD, not even that in ebay 😀 theres "top 5 tough smartphones" moto X is one of those!

  18. I'd rather go for a Huawei, Xiaomi, ZTE, Jiayu or Lenovo. I own a Lenovo and Jiayu.

  19. The moto g would be perfect if it had a micro sd card slot!!!!

  20. which is better moto g 2nd gen or xiomi mi3 tell me

  21. Thanks for these vids love watching them

  22. was this an ad for MOTO????

  23. I just bought an Asus Zenfone 6 and it really is awesome 😀 fast, fluid and huge 😀

  24. Lenovo is the company that bought Motorola, which is awesome. There's a whole world of budget phones out there besides the ones in this video. Check out the Chinese phone market with excellent manufacturers such as Xiaomi, ZTE and Lenovo itself. I imported a Lenovo from China and took it to a local (South African) phone shop to check if they have similar phones at a similar price…obviously not, and the shop-owner was like, "Hmmmm…Chinese!". I responded by "All phones are made in China." He had no come-back.

  25. +zeo221 Dude you completely forgot to mention the flagship killer. The best budget smartphone in the market. One Plus One

  26. +zeo221 what music do you use for your videos? Please answer, im looking everywhere for this song, thanks.

  27. Moto E is not best phone for that price. Nokia have many better phones for that money

  28. This was so helpful, thanks so much! 😀

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