Best Android Apps – March 2018! (With Galaxy S9)

Best Android Apps – March 2018! (With Galaxy S9)


➨ I highly recommend you check out some skins from dbrand:
≧◉◡◉≦ ▏ App Section ▏≧◔◡◔≦
1. WallHub (FREE / $0.99)

2. (FREE)

3. Home Agenda ($2.49)

4. Vimage (FREE)

5. Beta TestingCatalog (FREE)

6. Product Hunt (FREE)

Sip (FREE)


(ᕗ ಠ益ರೃ)ᕗ ┬━┬ ▏ Game Section ▏ヽ(`▭´)ノ ┻━┻

1. HoppenHelm (FREE)

2. Red (FREE)

3. Fern Flower (FREE)

4. Drifty Chase (FREE)
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  1. You've become my favorite YouTube channel 🙂

  2. Install "Awalls HD Free" guys on playStore

  3. Sir please in samsng onnext

  4. What is the day and date wigdet on the home screen

  5. I need the weather widget that's shown in Aspire Ux S9 icon pack in Google play. Can anyone help me?

  6. How about best android skins like in the :3

  7. What is that background music name?

  8. What is the messaging app that you are using in this video? kindly reply 🙂

  9. Drifty chase: Running away from cops 👮 as you robbed a bank 🏦. But need to collect money from the streets to buy your car 🚙. Lol 😂

  10. who still pay for apps, just search chrome for an apk or even a modded one

  11. Wallpaper name in thumbnail plse?????

  12. Can you review some SMS apps and best Twitter apps

  13. Home Agenda is complete rip-off of Event Flow Calendar Widget that is free.

  14. I never get event apps or widgets because it's just a reminder of how boring my life is 😣

  15. I have a recommendation for a game. I found this one game today called FLIP and it's VERY fun and well made. Just putting it here so more people can try it out because it's just so good!

  16. How does Home Agenda compare to Month? If anyone has tried both, I'm interested in your input.

  17. Somehow didn't show up on my sub box (or I may have missed it)
    Can you share your Nova launcher setup on the s9 plus, I'm getting one soon… Yours looks suck!

  18. What's the font on the video's picture?

  19. What is the name of this icon pack ??

  20. I think u meant "I always use dbrand skin on my phone's because they pay me to" it's ok to advertise but don't lie

  21. What is the icon pack you are using?

  22. What's the name of the theme you're using please?

  23. If you list apps and their respective Play Store link… Why is it so hard to list timecodes too?

  24. Which icon pack you are using

  25. Sir what is your thumpnail font name

  26. Which launcher and icon pack?

  27. But i am using iphone 7. And i want to switch to android but i am afraid to do this.

  28. you're the best keep up the work

  29. Which launcher are you using??

  30. Which launcher and icons pack you use in this video plzz !!

  31. What is the theme app? Is it google launcher ?

  32. Which launcher you are using?

  33. Never seen such boring games and useless apps

  34. Whats the icon pack guys??

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