Best Android Apps: August 2016

Best Android Apps: August 2016


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Best Android Apps Of August 2016:
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Best Android Apps: August 2016
Best Android Apps: August 2016
Best Android Apps: August 2016
Best Android Apps: August 2016


  1. How you could say that wallpaper app is the best when you clearly have Backdrops on your home screen is beyond me.

  2. Anything is just "premium to say the least…" very annoying! Weak selection too.

  3. Atleast put the name of the apps on the video or a link in the description list bro. I need to pause the video to see the names of the apps you are mentioning here.

  4. Hey bro! You should add the links in the description.

    If you want to make ringtone from your song that’s easy.There are many application on play store.
    But what, if you want make ringtone from your device’s default audio files ?
    Here is the unique application which can allow you to edit and set your default audio to any field like ringtone,alarm,notification or set as any contact.
    Please give review and report bug to improve user experience.Thank you.

  6. how does everyone else feel about that omega sell website?

  7. Loved your video, I've got a new home décor app coming out and would love you to have a look and feedback (privately fine)

  8. whats name reproductor music ?

  9. How do I download, best apps??? Really should put links in the bio

  10. Dude could you add links for the apps next time.

  11. Nice video .. but you should add some links .. that will help a lot 🙂

  12. your voice annoys me

  13. where are the links for the apps in playstore?

  14. what screen protector do you have??

  15. add them in description

  16. Best Android apps of August? August just started! CRAZY!

  17. Hi android critic. Can you post timestamps in your discription for each application!! Thanks alot

  18. nice video as usual…columbo browser looks good….will give that a try…thankyou

  19. you change you s7 edge to gold why

  20. Does anyone else, with an S7 Edge, also have "loose" power & volume buttons? mine jiggle a bit and have slight "click" when i softly press them (not hard enough to actually unlock or lock the screen for example).

  21. The very first app you pronounce wrong…Not vendor…almost downloaded the wrong app. Xender

  22. your wifi is really fast

  23. i added this to my watch later list. i hope 99% of your list aren't Launchers and Wallpaper apps…

  24. is that s7 edge or s6 edge?

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