Best Android Apps and Games – November 2015

Best Android Apps and Games – November 2015


­≧◉◑◉≦ ▏ App Section ▏≧◔◑◔≦

β–£ Backdrops (FREE)

β–£ Custom Quick Settings (FREE)

β–£ Lazy Su (FREE)

β–£ Texpand (FREE)

β–£ Pixolor (FREE)

β–£ Randomly Remind Me (FREE)


(α•— ΰ² η›Šΰ²°ΰ³ƒ)α•— ┬━┬ ▏ Game Section ▏ヽ(`β–­Β΄)οΎ‰ ┻━┻

β–£ (FREE)

β–£ Dead Effect 2 (FREE)

β–£ Minecraft: Story Mode ($4.99)

β–£ Prune ($3.99)
(βŠ™.βŠ™(β˜‰_β˜‰)βŠ™.βŠ™) ▏ Social ▏(βŠ™.βŠ™(β˜‰_β˜‰)βŠ™.βŠ™)

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➨ Instagram

➨ Twitter!/howtomen

➨ Facebook

α•™( ^β‚’^ c) ▏ FAQ ▏ᕙ(`β–½Β΄)α•—

❂ What phone do you own?

❝ I own the Nexus 6 by T-Mobile running a custom rom called Chroma with Android 5.1.1❞

❂ What’s your launcher?

❝ Nova Launcher ❞

❂ Editing Software?

❝Sony Vegas Pro 13 and After Effects❞

❂ What camera do you use?

❝Nikon D5300❞

❂ How do I root my phone?

❝ Look it up ❞

❂ Keyboard?
❝ Stock Google Keyboard but themed with Peeaf (RRO/LAYER THEME NEEDED)


❂ Theme? (Navigation Buttons, interfact, etc.)
❝ Peeaf (Layers/RRO Theme required)❞

❂ Clock Widget?
Zooper Widget (FREE/$2.99) with Zooper by BEARD 3 ($1.00)

❂ Icons?
LollyDrop (FREE) and Polycon


  1. nah you're awesome :3
    real shame you don't have that many clicks because you definetly deservee it πŸ˜€

  2. "I have around 8 friends"^^

  3. Where'd you get the clock widget?

  4. what clock widget do use ?

  5. how do you have that custom instagram ? you have diffrent icons on instagram…

  6. what's the name of the clock widget that you use??

  7. That clock widget though…what's it called? :3 Great vid as always c:
    EDIT: Watched your other videos, saw that your stuff's down in the description.

  8. Texpand is very useful. Thank you for sharing that app. Using it now. πŸ™‚

  9. Hey man! I've been a long time subscriber to you on another account, I still think your videos are the best for apps on android! I watch them all the time, The comments about other people saying you're videos have changed dont cover the fact that you still have the best app recommendations! and that loads of us will still always come to you for the app reviews!

  10. Custom Quick settings is asking for root access on my one plus two….. What to do??.

  11. which clock widget is on ur homescreen? is it on a custom launcher or a separate app?

  12. what widget do you use?

  13. are u using a launcher or is that the default one for nexus?
    and if it is a launcher which one is it??
    if u would let me know…it would be great!!

  14. This is awsome man ! Thanks for the good work !

  15. Are these just apps you're advertising about to earn money? Lame. These are definitely NOT the best apps. Misleading the rest of us.

  16. What's NOOGLE?? It's written on your toy!!!:)

  17. what's the calander widget?

  18. Can I know which widget u are using on ur homescreen. Thanks.

  19. I watched a best apps video couple weeks ago but I forgot the video. There was a app that have lg g4, galaxy s6 and many other phones wallpaper in that app. Does anyone know that app? If so please tell me. Thanks…

  20. quick toggle settings says in needs root

  21. customs quick settings needs root for 5.0 and 5.1

  22. Hey u told that… Custom quick settings don't require root…. But when i tried to do…. Its asking for root?!

  23. anyone know the app he uses for the clock? it's actually a cool widget πŸ˜€

  24. this is which app from which shows date and time on wallpapers please tell me the name of this app

  25. Most of your applications are not working or supported with my Samsung galaxy grand 2 πŸ™

  26. I love the games u recommend . " Xenowerk" was one of the best game I came to know by u

  27. I don't know why people play agAr io

  28. I love how excited you got during Haha. Great Vid!

  29. great video man, as always! thx

  30. have u heard about system tuner????

  31. great video but custom quick settings dose not work

  32. Custom Quick setting not working in my root nexus 5 android 6.0

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