Best Android App to Lock Touch Screen of Your Phone or Tablet Urdu

Best Android App to Lock Touch Screen of Your Phone or Tablet Urdu


How to Disable Touch Screen of Your Android Phone and Tablet For Kids

Kids these days, they don’t even touch their lunch without playing their favorite video on your smartphone. Even though I don’t have kids, I have seen my nephew doing the same all the time.
Kids can be stubborn at times and parents have no choice but to play their videos and look for child-friendly content and apps on Google Play Store.
Our kids challenge us every day when it comes to handling our smartphones. Give them an Android phone for a video call with their grandpa and they will show you the settings on your phone you didn’t even know existed. The kids mode is not for kids anymore.
Today I am going to share two Android apps, using which you can lock the touchscreen of your phone and keep your screen awake at the same time. This way your kids will be able to enjoy videos and calls without access over the touchscreen or soft keys and even the hardware buttons like the power button, the home key, or the volume keys. A win-win scenario!

Touch Lock is a popular app downloaded over 3 million times. Commuters, students, parents and the elderly or any person who has finger trembling disability would find it useful because it allows them to enjoy their device’s display without interruption by preventing unintended operations on the touch screen and buttons.

• lock the screen display
• lock virtual or physical keys including home page keys, return keys, volume keys and most recently used app keys
• keeps screen on
• unlock screen by tapping overplayed icon
• (new feature) unlock the screen with device fingerprint reader
• wide variety of devices supported.
• hidden or show the unlock screen
• prevent face touching during calls
• prevent pocket answering or ignoring calls

★ Safe and stable calls preventing accidental disconnects.
★ QR Code’s strongest assistant tool: whether you’re boarding a plane or taking the subway, it takes only a second to scan your electronic ticket.
★ A good help for cooking. The app keeps the screen on so you can read the recipe
★ Take great underwater video. The app prevents interference from water touching the screen
★ No interruption to your navigation: you can open a map and put it in your pocket
★ You won’t have to worry about your screen going to sleep automatically when you’re copying texts or displaying content on your phone
★ A marvelous gadget screen freezer for mobile games: no more accidental stopping or exiting due to the touching of screens and buttons
★ Isolated lock-up of physical or virtual keys: whether you’re looking through your photo album or playing a game, you can retain easy control
★ Enjoy a one-handed cinema: you can walk about while watching your favorite TV series without being interrupted
★ It takes one second to transform into a drawing board: a good tool to help you develop your drawing skills
★ Turn your MV into a pocket music player anytime
★ Lock the screen and use your mobile phone as a marquee or fluorescent stick in a music concert
★ Drive with a locked screen and make your driving safer

This app uses accessibility services
Touch Lock uses an accessibility service in order to prevent unintended operations on soft keys and physical buttons which would help someone with finger trembling disability or similar symptoms to hold the smartphone firmly.

Which will enable :
– Soft key lock (Home, Back, Recent app buttons)
– Volume keys lock
– Fingerprint sensor lock/unlock
– Full screen mode

Although you might receive a privacy warning, Touch Lock never observe, collect or use any of user’s privacy data.
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