BEST 8 Top iOS 8 Apps, Custom Keyboards, Widgets Touch ID iPhone 6 Plus Compatible & More

BEST 8 Top iOS 8 Apps, Custom Keyboards, Widgets Touch ID iPhone 6 Plus Compatible & More


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Best TOP 8 iOS 8.0 Apps for the iPhone 6 Plus with Custom iOS 8 Keyboards, Notification Center Widgets and Touch ID API implementation.

All other iOS 8-compatible iPhone, iPod touch and iPad models will also function with this list of Top Apps!

My Favorite Top iOS 8 apps for all iDevices can be found on Best Tech Info:

Remember, these are some of the Best apps that utilize 8.0’s new developer APIs!

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  2. I got all the apps suggested:D

  3. Fancy Keys is better than Swipe because you can design your own custom keyboard and do the same

  4. I've just downloaded What2Share! It's really cool!! It's a new custom iOS keyboard and has a lot of features!

  5. Why the fuck do you hold the iPod sideways. I'm not trying to hurt my neck watching this video

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  7. Ok, great vid! Just one little thing im annoyed about is that you sometimes hold the phone at an angle. So now i feel like my neck is literally having a war against each other

  8. Damn too bad these ius8 apps aren't for ios8 🙁 leaves video

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  13. He looks like Simon Minminters little brother.

  14. Why is he saying iUS 8?!  I thought it was iOS 8?!  And if you're giving widget reviews, why are you holding the iPhone to the side!  Annoying!

  15. He holds the bloody phone more landscape than portrait.

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