Best 4 Free Android Screen Recording Apps

Best 4 Free Android Screen Recording Apps


There’re many free recording apps on Android. To help you reduce research work, here’s a comparison on top 4 free Android screen recording apps.

AZ Screen Recorder:
ADV Screen Recorder:

The first two are recommended to those who prefer customizations because you got a lot of options.

No.1 AZ Screen Recorder

To begin with, we’ve opened AZ screen recorder and kept it running in the backend, if we click on the bubble menu here, there’ll be shortcuts to settings, screenshot, record screen, media gallery and editing. This menu style and shortcuts can be customized by the way.

So you can choose encoder, enable magic hand which is a unique feature in paid version, and stop recording by either locking screen or shaking. In video configuration, you can select resolution, frame rate, bit rate, orientation and even time lapse. There’re quite a few choices in resolution and you can customize it. For audio, you can only record from a microphone, but not system audio.
If you like to do reaction video, you can record facecam as an overlay, but this is only available in paid version.
Let’s try recording with AZ. After the count down, let’s open the game Mini Metro. And swap down from the top, click stop to terminate recording. In this pop up, the saved video is shown beneath an ad, and we can preview, share, delete or edit. Let’s check edit. So obviously, we can trim, but if we’d like to save edited video, we’ll need to upgrade to the paid version. I knew it.

No.2 ADV Screen Recorder App

The next one, ADV screen recorder is quite similar to AZ screen recorder, in terms of logo and settings. However, features that need to be paid in AZ, like recording facecam, and trimming, are free of charge here, that’s why I would recommend it.
Like AZ, you have a variety of personalize options. But recording internal audio is still unavailable.

No.3 Mobizen

And here comes my favorite! Mobizen, with a logo looks like Motorola. Like AZ, there’s a bubble menu with shortcuts to recording, settings and screenshot. Click settings and you’ll find that the interface is really neat and simple. And it will recommend configuration based on its analysis on your cell phone performance. That’s really convenient. The unique clean mode is there to hide timer, air circle, watermark etc. if you need professional looking video. And you know what, you can record either microphone or internal audio. Another impressive detail is the considerate explanation under each mode, which makes it crystal clear to me.

In addition, you can record facecam in different shapes as PIP for free. Ok, let’s try recording with it. So, options are collapsed into an icon on the right. And when we finish, just click on it and choose stop. Here comes a drawback, the frequent showing ads! And here you need to scroll down to find the video beneath the ad.
But another advantage is that you can trim the video, add background music or adjust the music for free.

No. 4 Rec
The last one Rec with a logo looks like Youtube. And it also has neat and simple interface, with “Youtube red and white”. You can modify some basic options like resolution, bit rate, duration and audio, which means microphone audio only here. In settings, there’re more personalized options but you can’t record front camera.
One thing that really confuses me is that when I stop recording, where’s my saved video? There’s nowhere I can preview in the app. It took me some time to realize that it was automatically saved in my camera roll

Alright, let’s sum up. AZ and ADV comes with a lot of options for those who like to customize the recordings and need professional looking outcome. But they can’t record game or app sound. I would prefer ADV because it offers more free features like recording front camera and trimming. Mobizen is my favorite among all. It’s very user friendly and helps me reduce learning curve. And it has bunch of free powerful features including adding background music. As for Rec, like its names, is good for simply recording your screen with less additional options.

So hope this video gives you a better understanding on these 4 free recording apps. Which one would you prefer? Feel free to share your experience with them or any other suggestions in the comment. Thanks for watching and remember to subscribe for more tips and tricks about video making!


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