Ballistic Jewel Review – Doesn’t break your iPhone 7! – iPhone 7 case reviews

Ballistic Jewel Review – Doesn’t break your iPhone 7! – iPhone 7 case reviews


Unlike our previous iPhone 7 case review, I dropped the Ballistic Jewel face first and my iPhone 7 is fine!

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For my Ballistic Jewel review, I’ve given this case a score of 4.1 Eh’s out of 5. This is one of the highest rated clear iPhone 7 cases that I’ve reviewed to date with the Incipio Reprieve Sport being rated a smidge higher. If you’re looking for other drop-rated iPhone cases that are clear, check out my comparison table for clear iPhone 7 cases. Links are in the i or the description section below.

I do have to give props to Ballistic for sending me this case to review and props to you guys for ranking the case up on my list.

For design, the Jewel is unique in the sense that it registers as a thicker and wider case because of the Ballistic corners but everything else on the case is quite slim and thin. If I was to measure everything where the hand goes, this would be close in terms of bulk to the Spigen Liquid Armor.

The Ballistic Jewel fits the iPhone well and has enough texture to keep an iPhone from sliding around easily. The case weighs almost nothing at 19 g’s so you definitely won’t notice the weight on your iPhone. The only concern I have with the jewel regarding design is how gummy the case is going to get. Fingerprint and face grease is going to be the Jewels best friend.

The biggest difference between the iPhone 6 and 7 versions is the size. The new Jewel is much smaller than the iPhone 6 version though the Ballistic corners look a little tougher on the iPhone 7. Looks like they added TPU supports to the air pocket in the corner.

These Ballistic corners provide the Jewel with 6ft worth of drop-protection which is better than the Ballistic Tungsten Slim which only has 4 ft worth of protection despite being similar in size. The corners have a hidden benefit as well as the Jewel has the highest screen clearance out of all the iPhone 7 cases I’ve reviewed. The higher screen clearance is an extra layer of protection when dropped face first.

The only gripe we had for the Jewel’s regarding protection involves how pliable the edges are on the case. The pliable edges will allow dust and debris to get between the iPhone and case quicker than other cases so you’ll need to keep an eye out if you get this case.

In addition to extra protection, the Ballistic corners also help with the handling of the iPhone. The Jewel itself is quite rubbery so the iPhone isn’t going to feel like it is going to slide out of your hand. The Ballistic corners acts as a guide to keep your hands in the center of the device. When you’re using the Jewel with one-hand, the Ballistic corners also acts as a stop for your fingers which improves the stability of the iPhone in your hand.

I had no issues accessing the iPhone in the Ballistic jewel as the buttons are easy to use and the cutouts for the mute switch and Lightning port are easily accessed.

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